I have a question for you “How many connections do you have on LinkedIn? Are they willing to recommend you to a job?” It’s hard to answer, right? In today’s video, I’m going to share 3 LinkedIn tips you should use to get a job from LinkedIn. Don’t be afraid of networking and LinkedIn. I got my full-time job from there and you may not get a job yet because you’re not active on LinkedIn. Let’s dive in.


The biggest mistake many international graduates make is not having a profile on LinkedIn. It comes from the fact that LinkedIn is more popular in western countries like US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe than in Asia or developing countries. That’s why you may not have a LinkedIn profile because it’s not necessary for your country.

However, now you’re in a western country and looking for a job here. LinkedIn is the #1 platform for job seekers to get jobs, build a network and get a job from their networks. You absolutely need to be present on LinkedIn. 

I was exactly like you. I didn’t have a LinkedIn profile back in my home country and only built one when I moved to Australia. So I wasn’t on LinkedIn for more than 10 years of my professional life. You can see how many job opportunities and connections I lost during this time. Don’t be like me. If you still haven’t got a profile, right after this video, start building a profile immediately. I got my full-time job from LinkedIn after applying for so many online jobs without success. I can’t recommend it highly enough about LinkedIn.

If you don’t know how to build an optimised profile, make sure you check out these 2 videos right here where I share step by step how to build one. It’s much easier than you thought.

When you build your profile, I want to highlight 3 places you should pay attention to. The first one is your headline. LinkedIn is a search engine and hiring managers search for you based on your headline. Make sure you use as many keywords as possible in your headline so that when they search for these keywords, your profile will appear on the top of LinkedIn search results.

In this example, I’m searching for “Accounting Manager” and you see the top profiles in the search result all have that keyword in their headline. Hiring managers don’t search for only one keyword, so ensure you have as many keywords as possible and these keywords are relevant to the job you’re looking for. 

The second place is your experience. This is the first place hiring managers want to check as they want to know what skills, experiences you have, whether you have what they’re looking for, how good you are in these skills and experiences, and if it’s worth to interview you or move on to the next candidate. 

Keep this part frequently updated, ideally every 3 months. If you’re working in a part-time job, update what you’ve done during this time. If you’re not working yet, update the new online courses you’ve learned or any new skills you’ve got. Even now, I’m not looking for a job but I’m still updating my profile every 3 months. It’s a good habit to maintain even when you’ve already got a full-time job.

The last point I’d like to highlight is your contact info, don’t miss it. Once the hiring manager is happy with your profile, they’d love to interview you. But very often I can’t find the contact info of a job seeker, either an email or a phone number. What will the hiring manager do at that time when they can’t find it? They just move on to the next candidate as they have so many options to choose from. You see you just missed a precious interview. 

This mistake is very simple to fix. Ensure you’ve added your contact info in the Contact Info part or the About part. Here are places where people look for it. 

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Building something new is always harder and takes more time than leveraging the existing one. Same for your network. Before expanding your network, I highly recommend maximizing the connections you already have. 

As an international graduate, you must have good connections at uni, your professors, friends, or other professional connections. Start from there, it may give you awesome connections you may never think.

Or you may be working in a part-time job, an internship, or a volunteering job. Get connected with your supervisor, manager, your teammates. As long as they’re in a professional context, it’s helpful for your LinkedIn profile. 

And if you got some positions back in your home country, perfect! Don’t worry that these people are not in the new country and they’re not helpful. Yes, they are. Don’t forget LinkedIn is a network machine. These people may have connections with people in your new country and they may also help you get a job. Collect their email addresses and upload them on LinkedIn. Or manually search for their names on LinkedIn and send a connection request. It’s what I did when building my LinkedIn profile and my network expanded quickly right from the start. 

I know some of you may not have work before and your network is limited. Don’t worry about the size of your network. It’s about quality connections. If you’re connected to professors, VIPs, or influencers in your industry, just one recommendation from one of these people can get you a job already.

One more tip is getting the habit of connecting with new people you met on LinkedIn. Sometimes you meet them offline and forget to connect on LinkedIn. Don’t miss such a great opportunity. As they already know you, for sure they’ll accept your connection request. So, send a request right there, right then when you meet them. It’s what I always do.

Another important thing is engaging with your network. If you don’t, they’ll forget who you are and don’t recommend a job to you when the opportunity comes. If you’re always on their radar, you’ll be their top of mind when they know an opportunity. You can engage with your network simply by liking or leaving a comment on their posts. Don’t need to send them a message as you want to be around them and remind them about you regularly.


Once you’ve maximised your current network, it’s time to reach out to new connections and expand your network. Start by getting into the search bar and type in the hiring manager’s job title. When you’re looking for a job, you want to approach hiring managers, your potential boss, who may need to hire someone to help them with their workload. 

For example, I type “Accounting Manager” in the search bar and enter. I click “See all people results” and see more than 7 million results. I can narrow it down by filtering “Locations” to my country or even narrower to my state and click “Show results”. Now I see 68,000 results, still a lot more than I need. Then I’ll click “Connect” and don’t forget to add a note to your connection invitation. People tend not to accept a connection request from a stranger. Adding a note to introduce yourself and explain why you want to connect may help to remove that objection. 

“Hi Juliana, your profile is impressive. I’m Thea, an accounting graduate and want to learn from experienced professionals like you. I’d love to stay connected and contribute to your network.”

It’s simple like that. Get into the habit of connecting with 10 people a day, especially when you’re looking for a job. These connections are golden and may bring a lot of job opportunities to you if you know how to leverage your network. Now, you may receive more rejections than acceptance. It’s normal. People may not want to connect to strangers. But don’t feel demotivated. Many job seekers give up so early after just a few rejections. But I got my full-time job from my network and by approaching people like this. Being persistent is the difference between success and failure.


So there you have it, 3 LinkedIn tips to find a job for international graduates. After this video, make sure you take action and get a full-time job from LinkedIn. If you want more free resources, head over to my free training below.

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