Have you heard about it? Australia is opening the border to International Students and Skilled Migrants. In this video, I’ll talk about the time frame, which states are opening and what conditions you need before and after arriving in Australia. Been waiting for this for so long? Alright, my friend, the waiting time is up!

Breaking news: More than 200,000 international students and skilled migrants will be allowed to enter Australia again without quarantine in the coming weeks. Is it what you’re looking for? Are you ready for it? 

The country has long discussed this but why now? This is thanks to the amazing vaccination effort of Australian citizens and residents. We have reached an 85% full vaccination rate on 21 November so we’re moving to the final phase of reopening the country. Shout out to all citizens and residents for your huge effort including me. I’m proud of it and more than happy to welcome international students and skilled migrants back. 

As you’ve been updated in my last video, Australian citizens and permanent residents have been coming back without the need for quarantine since the beginning of November, the second priority is international students and skilled migrants. 

It’s easy to understand when international students are worth $40 billion making it the country's fourth-biggest export. But numbers have dropped since the pandemic. This border reopening will help boost economic recovery, helping to address labour market shortages and allowing businesses to grow with confidence especially when we recover from the pandemic.

NSW announced mid-November that the first plan of 250 fully vaccinated returning students from 15 countries including Canada, China, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea and Vietnam will arrive on December 6. Those students will not be required to quarantine. Of course, the students must be fully vaccinated and hold a valid visa. It’s a big relief, isn’t it? 

A second flight will arrive on Dec 24, carrying students from India and other parts of South Asia. After that, further flights are expected to arrive every two weeks.

Earlier than that, a group of Singaporean students arrived on Nov 21 without quarantine, marking it the first return of international students as part of Australia's reopening of borders.

After NSW, Victoria is the 2nd state to follow and allow fully vaccinated international students to move directly into the community without having to quarantine. Victoria will start in late December with about 120 students a week, beginning with those who need to do practical work, such as medical students, and postgraduate researchers and then open to everyone. This will help 50,000 international students enrolled with Victorian education providers who still remain offshore because of border restrictions. What a big relief! Cheers to you, Victorian international students. 

After NSW and Victoria, other states such as Queensland, South Australia are also preparing to allow students to return early next year. This will help about 150,000 international students who are still offshore come back and continue their studies.


So, that’s the latest news about the border opening for international students in Australia right now. If you’re not fully vaccinated yet, do it now and book the first flight you can to come back. We’re more than happy to welcome you. If you want more free resources, head over to my free training below.

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