Have you heard about the great news yet? That 200,000 international graduates and skilled migrants are entering the country from December 6th. But what does it imply to your job search? In this video, I’m going to update you on the current job market for migrants and also what you need to do now. Good news and also bad news. Let’s get started. 


Great news for Australia! We have opened borders to 200,000 international students, skilled migrants starting from the 6th of December including 57,400 economic visa holders, the people who come here to work.

If you’re not updated yet on this news, watch my video right here.

However, our country has closed the border for almost 2 years. We’re suffering from a huge skill shortage. Employers are struggling to find skilled workers in sectors such as technology and finance. Shout out to people looking for a job in technology, IT, finance, business, etc., the market is favouring you right now!

Not many skilled migrants have been allowed to enter the country in the last 2 years, plus there is demand for specific skills like technology and finance that has created a candidate’s market. Shout out to international graduates and skilled migrants who are still in the country, this market is for you.

The candidate market has also pushed salaries higher in some sectors like law, banking, technology, property, construction, and hospitality. I know many of you want to work in a bank, data analyst, IT, software engineer, business analyst, civil engineer, mechanical engineers, electronic engineers… This is the golden time for you to capture a higher salary.


Alright, my friend, do you agree with me this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that has never happened before? What I’ve seen before is aggressive competition and migrants like you and me face more challenges than local candidates. We always lose in the job search battle and employers always choose local candidates over us.

But now is your time. The border has been closed for almost 2 years. Not many migrants enter the country during this time. Our vaccination rate has reached more than 85%, the economy is recovering, businesses are recruiting. Your only competitors right now are local candidates but they’ve got their jobs because this trend has started in September, not just right now. If local candidates look for a job, they already got it. Right now when you’re applying for jobs, you’re only competing with other migrants who are still in the country and not migrants outside of the country. Does it make sense to you? I hope it does.

I’ve seen a surge wave of migrants here who found a full-time job during this time. However, if you’ve been trying to get a job during the last 2-3 months and still can’t get an offer, then something is wrong with you, and not the market because you’re in a perfect market right now.

Now, I don’t want to hurt you but I’m pointing out to you a great opportunity that you should leverage. You have fewer competitors than ever. Companies have a huge demand for highly skilled workers like you. And they’re willing to offer a higher salary due to the skill shortage. So, you should grab this opportunity right now before thousands of migrants enter the country next month.

But if it hasn’t happened to you yet, you haven’t got a full-time job, fix what you’re doing right now. If you’re not getting interviews, check your application, it’s not working. If you’ve got some interviews but still can’t pass them to get an offer, work on your interview skills. Do you agree with me that even though your job is in hot demand but companies only take in qualified candidates? Even though they seem to be desperate but they still operate on profit. If you’re not qualified, you can’t contribute much, they’re making a loss, not a profit when hiring you. For sure, they won’t do that and they’ll wait for the coming migrants.

Now, don’t get me wrong, my friend. I have no doubt about your capability. You’ve graduated from great universities here. You’re certified. You can do your job. But what you’re missing is the soft skills to present yourself in the application, in the interview to convince them to hire you. And that’s where I can jump in to help you. Right now, the technical skills that you learned from your degree are still not used yet as you’re still unemployed.

And give your life a long-term view. Though you may be working in casual work, you may get some income but it only helps you survive and not PR. Only a full-time job can help you get PR so that you can live here indefinitely. What will happen when your visa expires and you still haven’t got a full-time job and PR? You’ll come back home which I’m sure you don’t want to.

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I hope after this video, you now realise you’re in a perfect position right now to secure your full-time job. And promise to try by all means to make it happen to you as quickly as you can. I foresee the market is getting more competitive in the coming weeks and it’ll be too late then. If you want more free resources, head over to my free training below.

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