If you’re updated with the latest news, you already know that Australia is opening its borders to international students and skilled migrants from overseas to enter the country from early December. It implies more competitors for your job search and makes your success rate lower. But you may not know that now is the perfect time to get a full-time job. In this video, I just put myself into your shoes and ask myself a question “What would I do if I was you?”. I’ll share with you step by step what I’d do to get a full-time job during this time.


As an updated job seeker, I know that Australia has opened its international borders. 200,000 international students and skilled migrants will arrive here starting from the 6th of December in which there are 57,400 economic visa holders.

If you’re not updated yet on this news, watch my video right here.

They will compete with me in the job search. Given it’ll take them a few weeks to settle down but it won’t be long and they’ll apply for jobs immediately because they need income to survive. It’s the first thing I’d do if I was them. This means I’ll have a lot more competitors while I don’t have many now, so I need to take quick action!

Regarding the competition, I usually compete with 2 groups of people: local candidates and skilled migrants/international graduates. The job market peaked in September this year and it has been more than 3 months since then, which means all local candidates who want to get a job already did it. They don’t have any challenges and more advantages than me so I have no doubt that they got their jobs. For now, I only compete with international graduates and skilled migrants who are still in the country. And of course, this number is much smaller than usual meaning my success rate is higher. So, I need to take action now to grab this rare opportunity!

I also know that the country is suffering from skill shortages due to almost 2 years of shutting down the borders to the rest of the world. Employers want to fill up their vacancies but they can’t find enough candidates, meaning they might need to ease their job requirements a little bit. In a normal condition, they may require 10 skills but now it may reduce to 7 skills and they’ll give more training. So, this is a perfect position for me to apply for.

The salary of the market has also increased due to a shortage of skilled workers. So when I apply for jobs now, I may get a better salary than before. Then why not? Same job and higher salary. It obviously makes sense, doesn’t it?

From this small analysis, I can see immediately that now is my opportunity to get a full-time job. No competitors from outside, fewer competitors from inside the country, huge demand from employers, and a higher salary. The only thing I need to bear in mind is I need to take quick action right now. People are entering Australia from early December and all of my advantages will have gone shortly. So, I’ll take action now and be quick to get results.


Alright, let’s get into the action plan. First, I’ll check my current status where I’m at in my job search. I’ll go through all the jobs I’ve applied for to see how many jobs I’ve applied for? How many interviews have I got? If I could get some interviews, were they just initial phone interviews or face to face interviews? Why couldn’t I pass them to get an offer? Any feedback from the companies?

I also keep an eye on my visa, how many months I have left on my visa. I already know that my ultimate goal is to get PR but most PRs require working for at least one year in a full-time position. So I need to remove that one year out of the time I have left. If now I have only less than a year or 6 months after removing, it’s more urgent now. I need to focus on getting results as I don’t have much time left for trials and errors. I also know that this is my only chance of getting PR. Coming here to study and get PR after graduation is my only choice. Other people could come here with a partner visa or investment visa but my personal conditions are not good to do that. So I can’t lose this only opportunity, I need to get results.

I also don’t have local experience here but it’s too late for me to get it now. I should have got internships, part-time jobs to gain local experience when I was still studying, not now when I already graduated. Now is the time for me to focus on getting a job. I’m in a good position with the job market right now, so I hope that local experience isn’t as important as in a normal condition when now employers are in shortage of skilled workers.

Based on a review of my current situation and the jobs I’ve applied for, now I know where to fix it. If I haven’t got any interviews, the problem sits with my application. I need to check my resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile again. They are the documents I submit when applying, if I don’t have interviews, something must be wrong with them. So, that’s the first place I need to address.

If I’ve got some interviews but still no offer, then my interview skills need to be improved. So I’ll check my interview answers again to ensure I’ve got convincing answers that could prove myself, show that I’ve got the right skills and experience they want and I can deliver the job. As a migrant job seeker, they may ask me about my temporary visa and local experience as well, so I need to ensure I’ve got answers that can address and satisfy their concerns. And of course, I also check on other things like my communication skills, what I should do and not do in the interview, what I should ask them, etc. The key here is to base on the feedback I got from previous applications and improve my shortages from there.

And now, I’m ready to apply for more jobs. I’m having casual work right now, but because I know this is a rare opportunity that will never happen again so I need to take quick action. That’s why I may need to manage my time better with the casual work so that I could have more time applying for jobs. When applying, I try to apply for the jobs that are recently advertised and maximise the number of jobs I can apply for during this time. However, quality is over quantity so I always make sure high quality for every application that I’m sending out. To maximise further the jobs I can apply for, I also apply for jobs that are over deadline but the job ad is still on because I know companies need workers so they may extend the job ad beyond the original deadline. And I don’t want to miss that opportunity.

I know I need to capture this opportunity right now so I maximise all the resources I could use in my job search. So, I’ll reach out to all people in my network who I see could be of any help. I’ll tell them I’m looking for what job, give some basic information about it and ask them for help. I don’t feel ashamed to ask for help. I’d help other people who reach out to me so I don’t think any issues with asking people for help.

At the same time, I’ll also actively approach people outside of my network like potential hiring managers, recruiters, other professionals in my field and ask for help. I know I may receive rejections or silence but I don’t let my ego be loud here. Even when they don’t help me, I’m still okay because I didn’t do anything wrong by approaching people and asking for help. And if the result is a full-time job, it’s totally worth it.

Now, this is important and I want you to pay close attention to it. If I’ve done everything I’ve mentioned above in this video, or I’ve been trying to apply for a while now, maybe 2-3 months, and I still can’t get any results. I need to rethink my strategies. They don’t work. I’m running out of time. Thousands of competitors are coming and it will make my job search a lot more challenging. I may risk not getting a full-time job and PR which I never want it. So, I need to use either stronger strategies or ask for stronger help.

I’ve been experimenting with job search for a while without results so I don’t think I can come up with any strategies that work even when I keep trying. Then I’d think of working with a career coach because they were in my shoes. They know exactly my challenges and they helped other people like me get results. And if they can get results, I don’t think I cannot. Given the urgency of my current situation right now, I don’t want to lose this rare opportunity of the job market I’m in, so I’d go with a coach to get a full-time job. 

There you have it, my friend, they are all the steps I’d do if I was looking for a job during this sensitive time to capture a rare opportunity that I’ve never seen happen before. So, you’re in a good position right now, good job market, right time, you’ve got the technical skills required, now you just need some more help in terms of soft skills to get a full-time job. It’s where I can jump in for help.

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Now, these are the strategies that I’d do 100% if I was in your shoes right now looking for a job during this time. And I strongly believe that if you put the right focus on your job search like what I laid out in this video, you’ll get results, a full-time job offer.

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