When I was looking for a job in the new country, I got so many rejections. They’d either send me a “no-reply” rejection email (you already know it’s just an automatic email, right?), or they wouldn’t get back to me, just silence, no feedback, nothing! Does it happen to you?

It hurt. I felt so bad about myself. My application must be terrible that they didn’t put in some time to send me a personalised email or share some feedback. Do you feel the same?

And when I could manage to get some phone interviews, they said “Sorry but we need someone with local experience”. It’s so unfair. How come I got local experience when I just came? Will you at least give me a chance to prove myself?

I used the wrong strategies

Fast forward to after getting a full-time job and looking back, I realised I was using the wrong strategies. They’re for a local candidate, not me. Now, you may think “It’s a good thing, Thea”. They’re looking for local experience so I should use the local strategies. I’m afraid you’re wrong, my friend. Let me explain.

The key here is that a local candidate doesn’t face challenges like I do. I’m a migrant from overseas. I had no local experience while they’ve got years of it. It’s their home country. I was on a temporary visa and companies might worry that I’d leave them when my visa expired. While my local competitors don’t need a visa because they’re citizens or PRs. I had no connections to introduce jobs to me in the new country because I’m a newcomer while they’ve got a huge network built up since they were born. And I speak English as a second language. No matter how I try, it can’t be as good as a native speaker and companies might have a concern about my communication skills.

You see they don’t have any of my challenges. And I still haven’t talked about the challenges on my application and interview skills that come from these barriers of a migrant yet. So if I use strategies of local candidates, my migrant problems are still unsolved. And that’s the reason why I struggled to get a full-time job. Companies kept asking about my temporary visa and local experience. Do they ask you the same?

Are you fixing the wrong things?

Now, you see that you haven’t touched the real challenges yet. When you haven’t got interviews or you can’t pass interviews, you may think “I need to focus on my application and interview skills”. It’s true but not enough. First, you need to fix the challenges of an International Student or Migrant. You can’t just do the same things as local people and expect you’ll get a job like them. If you’re looking for a job by yourself, make sure you use special strategies for migrants. Don’t know what strategies? Feel free to book a call with me using the link below and I’ll be glad to show you these strategies.


If you’re working with a coach or using some resume services, check on what they’re teaching you or offering you. Are there any strategies to overcome migrant challenges?

This is even better, check if your coach has overcome these challenges and got a full-time job by themselves? Basically, it means they already got what you want to achieve. I know some coaches just call themselves coaches thanks to some certificates but haven’t got by themselves what they’re teaching. And you already know real-life experience is different from theoretical knowledge.

And this is the best, check if they’ve helped other international students or migrants like you get a full-time job. They may only work with local people and have no ideas of the challenges you’re going through. An international student came to me and said career coaching didn’t work for her. She used a coach who has good reviews but she still hasn’t got any interviews. And it turned out to be a local coach.

So don’t forget, international students and skilled migrants like us need stronger strategies than local people. I’m a migrant from overseas. I faced the exact challenges as you do or even more (my job required heaps of local experience, I didn’t have a LinkedIn profile). But I overcame, got a 6-figure full-time job, and an instant promotion (my offer was more senior than what I applied for) just thanks to what I performed in the interviews. Since then, I’ve helped numerous International Students and Skilled Migrants like you do the same. You can check my clients’ success stories here.

What is the best option for you?

At the end of the day, you may have a lot of options. You can do it by yourself or go with a local coach. The way that I decide whether I go with DIY or coaching and which coach is very simple. I’ll ask 3 questions:

  • If I do it by myself, am I fixing the right challenges?
  • Do I know how to fix them?
  • Have the strategies I’m using proven that they work and I’ll get a full-time job?

If I answer no to all of them then it’s obvious that I need extra help. Then I’ll also ask 3 questions regarding which coach I’ll go with:

  • Have they done what I’m trying to do? (getting a full-time job as an International Student/Migrant, not a local candidate)
  • Have they got results like the result I want by themselves? (a 5-6 figure full-time job, not a part-time job or casual work)
  • Have they replicated their results to other people like me? (International Students, Skilled Migrants, not local people)

What I want you to understand is that if you want to get a full-time job, you need to fix the right issues and use stronger strategies. I was in your shoes, got a 6-figure job for myself in 2 weeks and 5-6 figure jobs for my clients in a few weeks. I can totally help you do the same.

I wasted a lot of time, effort, and money on something that never works for a migrant. So if you’re doing the wrong things I used to do, stop them now if you don’t want to waste time and money like me. When you’re on a temporary visa, your time is limited (1-2 years). And when you’re unemployed, you’re losing at least $4,000/month (average salary of graduates: $50,000/year).

I’m sharing this with you because I care, I’m also a migrant. I want to help you get a full-time job, PR, and live indefinitely here. With my coaching, you can do it. If you don’t want to miss the ONLY opportunity you’re having right now to get PR (check this article to know why), book a call with me using the link below. I’ll show you how to make your dream come true.

Be successful


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