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This is Cipi's
Ace A Job
Success Story


Senior Brand Manager


INTRO ---------------------

I worked in Vietnam and Singapore before but I didn’t have any local experience.  My professional background is in Marketing which is a challenging area for people from overseas as it requires a deep understanding of culture, behavior, market, industry… of the local country. While 100% of my competitors are local candidates who don’t face such challenges.


LEARNING ---------------

I worked hard on my application to ensure a high-quality one. I also got some opportunities from my network which led to some interviews but not a job offer.

I prepared carefully for the interviews including both phone interviews and face-to-face interviews. I knew I had to compete with local candidates, so I used stronger strategies to land the job. I followed the exclusive strategies in Ace A Job to develop a portfolio and multiple customised proposals for the companies I was interviewing with. You won’t believe me but you can’t find these strategies anywhere else. Thea is from overseas; she knows the particular problems of people from overseas. And her strategies are designed to address them and get results.


SUCCESS -----------------

Thanks to an impressive application, I could land countless interviews with 6 companies. I got an interview marathon, some days I had 2 interviews a day. Thanks to the powerful strategies of Ace A Job, I could beat my local competitors and land a job offer with a global food company with an amazing 6-figure salary in only 3 weeks since applying. I almost got 2 job offers but rejected one. I’m so grateful that I got a new job with a decent salary during Covid while many local people lost their jobs.

My new life chapter just starts now and I can’t wait to take more vacations with my husband. By the way, I’m so excited to prepare for my PR and enjoy a better life every day!

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