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What Is Ace A Job®?

Ace A Job® is a one-on-one career coaching program for International Students and Skilled Migrants to get full-time jobs, PR, and live here indefinitely.

Here's a list of what I help you with:

- Resumes

- Cover letters

- LinkedIn profiles

- Customising applications to each job

- Application and follow-up strategies

- Interview answers

- Mock interviews

- Networking (LinkedIn and the Hidden Job Market)

- Targeted company/hiring manager list

- Advanced application strategies

- Online training

- Group coaching

- 1on1 coaching

It's 100% possible. I'm a Skilled Migrant with zero local experience, zero networks, average English and was on a temporary visa. But I got a full-time job to manage a million-dollar brand for a global company after just 2 weeks.

I've also got many International Student clients with only 2 positions on their resumes (none of them are full-time) who got full-time jobs in just a few weeks and became eligible for PR thanks to the jobs. Click here to check out their stories.

The key here is to overcome specific challenges of a migrant in your job search such as local experience, temporary visa, network, English… and present yourself as if you're a local candidate. You can't fix your issues right away (for example, you can't immediately change from a temporary visa to PR), but there are strategies to overcome these issues and get the job offer.

And of course, it's not luck but proven strategies. If you rely on luck, your success rate is 1 out of thousands. Why? There are 300-500 candidates for one job and you may need to apply for hundreds of jobs to get one (in case you finally get one or you may never get one).

Yes. If you join this program, you'll get access to all the lessons immediately right after our call. And you can start working on your full-time job right then.

You have lifetime access! You'll create your own account with the program. Once the access is granted to you, you can always access the program whenever, wherever.

There are 3 things that make me unique.

1. I'm a migrant. I can see specific challenges migrants face when looking for a full-time job in a new country (not their home country). That's why my strategies are specially designed to fix these particular challenges. While other local coaches may not understand these challenges and can't give solutions to them.

2. I got a full-time job with my strategies. I've done what you're trying to do. Other coaches may teach you theories while they've never used what they're teaching to get results.

3. I helped other International Students and Skilled Migrants just like you get their full-time jobs. So, the strategies work with not only me but with many other migrants. While other coaches may just work with local candidates and not migrants. Don't forget migrants like us need stronger strategies than local candidates.

I'm teaching you the same methods and strategies that I personally use for myself and my clients. If now I'm a Permanent Resident and my International Student clients became eligible for PR thanks to their jobs, I'm sure you can also do the same, right?

Not to mention the fact that my clients even nailed the job faster and earned a higher salary than me.

Also, there is a refund policy. If you come in and don't like this program, you can get your money back.

My program is designed in a special way that even a fresh graduate still gets results. You can check my clients' success stories here and you'll find that many of them are graduates. If you're more experienced, there's no reason why you can't learn and get results.

Moreover, my strategy is going to help you fix the challenges that don't relate to your experience level such as local experience, temporary visa, network… So, rest assured you'll find tremendous value in this program.

No, you don't. I had zero local experience, zero networks, average English and I was on a temporary visa. And look at what job I got. A Senior Manager position to manage a million-dollar brand for a global company.

What you need are the strategies to overcome these challenges and perform as a local candidate in your application and interviews. And that's what I teach you in this program.

All I'm gonna do is to challenge you with this "You probably don't know what you need help with. Otherwise, you'd already get a full-time job." You might think you only have a resume issue, an interview issue.

But the reality is that if you haven't got a full-time job yet, it's not for you to decide what you do or don't need help with. It's for someone to decide who has got a full-time job, and who has helped other people like you do the same.

Absolutely. In fact, some of my best clients are experienced professionals because they're very strong with their hard skills. Now I only need to help them with their soft skills to present effectively the skills and experience they already got in their resumes and interviews.

Absolutely. I'm an introvert, too. That's why my networking strategies are designed for you to build a network online. You don't have to spend a lot of time going to networking events and having awkward moments with strangers.

Not to mention, it's way more efficient to network online than offline. That's why I started with zero connections at first but just after a few weeks, I already got 600 connections.

The most extreme case was 5 days! Hailey applied for the first job on Monday, interviewed on Wednesday, did a reference check on Thursday, and signed the offer on Friday. Averagely, my clients took a few weeks to get their offers. This is the time when you've finished your application and started applying. (The application writing time is up to you and I can't control it). If you join this program, follow my strategies, you'll get a job in several weeks as my clients did.

Absolutely, I can help you get a new job that offers a better salary. However, the salary range usually varies based on your experience level and industry. For example, the entry-level salary of an accountant is normally $45,000-$55,000. If you're a graduate accountant, the salary you'll get will fall in that range. I can't help you get a $90,000 salary in that case because I can't add a few more years of experience into your profile.

Absolutely, you can get some inspiration from here.

This is NOT a get-rich-quick program. You need to put in the work. You cannot just run off, hire a coach, buy a strategy, click "apply" and get a full-time job. Make sense?

There are strategies, documents, lessons that you need to learn and write to set you up for a full-time job. At the end of the day, I can't go to the interview for you but you'll do it by yourself.

My program is designed to last for 10 weeks. But I've seen many clients of mine finish their program in just 1/3 of that. You can totally decide your pace if you want to make it faster.

Most of my clients have part-time jobs and take care of a family with kids. Some even had a full-time job or 8-hour casual work. But they've gone through this program and landed their full-time jobs.

I've streamlined and simplified the entire process so that you can get results the fastest possible. On average, it'll take you about 1 hour per week to go through the video lessons. I suggest you spend another 2-5 hours per week to implement.

I'll be upfront with you. YES, you need to put in the work. You cannot just run off, hire a coach, buy a strategy, click "apply" and get a full-time job. There are strategies, documents, lessons that you need to learn and write to get a full-time job. At the end of the day, I can't go to the interview for you but you'll do it by yourself.

The only ONE document that requires the most effort is your resume. Everything else is just a breeze as they're built on your resume including your cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

And I've got templates ready for you: Resume and cover letter templates for both International Students and Skilled Migrants. I've also got cover letter templates for 2 different approaches - Online Jobs and Direct Approach. Plus 100+ resume & cover letter samples from my clients who already got full-time jobs. When you use these templates and model after these samples, you'll write your application fast and easily. And you'll also get a full-time job as my clients did.

I also have guided answers for interviews. Just replace it with your information. What questions to ask the interviewers are already there. Just memorise them.

Scared of networking? I've got the message scripts you should send out. Don't know how to approach people? Just follow the Thea 5-step networking strategy.

As long as you can invest 3-5 hours/week and reach out to me for help, you can absolutely do this! That's why most of my clients landed their full-time jobs in a few weeks!

Yes, I have different financing options to support you. If you're interested in these options or have questions, simply schedule a call with me and I can walk you through it.

Moreover, you can also get a part-time job. It's what my clients do. They are fresh graduates with no savings, but they can find a part-time job to join my program to get a full-time job.

And also look at where you can cut spending. It may mean that you have more dinners at home, not eating out, doing exercises in the park, not the gym. When I was unemployed and lived on my savings, I cut all of these expenses and it could save me $700-1,000/month which is more than enough to join this program.

And imagine if you can get a full-time job in a few weeks like my clients did, with at least $50,000 for graduates and $100,000 for Skilled Migrants, it means $4,000-$8,000/month. After just one month, you have already repaid this program.

Absolutely, yes!

No. If you can't bet on yourself, I wouldn't bet on you either.

Success is achievable for anyone but it does come with sacrifice and investment. If you don't want to invest in yourself, no one would like to invest in you.

This is the ONLY program you need to land a full-time job as my clients did, click here to check out their stories.

If you follow my proven strategies, I promise, you WILL get a full-time job and become eligible for PR thanks to the job. And if you don't get a job, I'll give you a FREE review to show you what needs to be fixed.

After revising your application, if you still don't get a job, you can ask for a 100% refund within 180 days of joining the program.

I get it. I was exactly like you. I was so scared to buy my first coaching program of $700. But then I went on to buy others of $3,000 and $10,000. Because the return I got from these programs could bring back 10X the money I invested. So why not?

It's always scary at first because our brains tell us that we fear the unknown and because we don't know what may happen. If you've seen other success stories of other migrants like you in this program, it's not something unknown anymore. You know that you'll get the same results because they were exactly in your shoes right now.

It's always best to ask for forgiveness than permission. Take the leap and notify them later.

If you have to ask for permission from someone to be successful in your career, you'll stay stuck. My family wanted me to become a teacher and live in my home country and look at where I am today.

Free content is beautiful, but you'll be overwhelmed by lots of information you can find on the internet. Pretty often, they might be conflicting with each other and you don't know which one is correct.

Bear in mind that you need to spend a lot of time for research on application writing, at least 3-6 months of full-time work.

A significant amount of job search tips is not available for International Students and Skilled Migrants. They're for local job seekers, who don't face the challenges you're facing. Thus, you need to do a fair number of trials and errors before you can get some learnings.

Nevertheless, be cautious with this type of learning as the number of companies and job openings are limited. Don't risk applying with a poor application as your profile will be recorded in the "rejected records" and you entirely erase your second chance with these companies.

This is what hiring managers would never tell you. They secretly appreciate work experience more than academic knowledge. That's why you may see many Ph.D. are still unemployed and struggle in their casual work with a low salary.

While I only have a bachelor's degree and I got it back home in a developing country, it's not globally accredited. But I got a 6-figure salary plus a $22,000 instant promotion without asking. I applied for a lower level and ended up with a more senior one thanks to my performance in the interviews.

It proves that your degree doesn't play an important role in getting a full-time job or getting a higher salary. It's all about how you present yourself in the application and interviews.

You'll invest the same effort or time applying for an internship or a full-time job. Because you also need to submit your application, go to interviews and compete with other candidates for an internship.

However, the benefits of a full-time job are significantly more. First, you'll get income while it could be unpaid internships. Even if you get a paid internship, it's an enormous gap between an internship allowance and the salary of a full-time job.

A full-time job can help you get PR with the work experience or it adds more points to get PR easier. While you get no PR benefits with an internship.

You can also learn a lot more and grow professionally with a job than with an internship.

With the same effort but way more benefits, it's smart to go with a job than an internship.

Absolutely. Click the button below to book a call with me and I'll design a customised action plan just for you.

Here's What Other International Students Are Saying

I still hadn't graduated and used Thea's strategies for my first-ever interview. The strategies are so effective that I impressed 3 VIPs and got the offer on the spot. They also offered to sponsor a permanent visa for me. My life has changed since that moment. Now my family and I can live here indefinitely. It was not even in my wildest dream that I could ever dream of this!

DUY – Senior 3D Visual Artist

"I used Thea's strategies to apply for the first job I've ever found after my graduation. I applied on Monday, interviewed on Wednesday, and got the offer on Friday. Everything happened in just 5 days. Amazing! I thought it would be hard as I competed with 100% local candidates. But with Thea's strategies, I got a 5-figure salary and now I'm ready to apply for PR."

HAILEY - Social Media & Marketing Consultant

After my graduation, I've been living in a regional area that is limited in terms of job opportunities. I applied online and competed with 200 people in that job. But no problem at all as Thea's strategies helped me get an interview just 2 days after that with 3 company directors. And I got the offer 2 days later! I'm so grateful because I can work in my professional area, and now I've become eligible for PR! Thank you so much, Thea!

LONG – Civil Engineer


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