It’s hard to be an international student. With expensive living costs, high requirements of a full-time job, and the stress of getting PR, making your dream come true can be tough!

So if you’re an international student, the last thing you want to deal with is getting a full-time job by yourself.

I make life way easier for international students like you. Read on for a legit comparison between doing it yourself and career coaching.

Do you risk NOT getting PR and coming back home empty-handed?

Do you know most permanent visas (PRs) require at least 1 year of full-time work experience?

1-year work experience
  • Be nominated by an employer and have at least 3-year work experience. It’s even longer than 1 year.
  • Have worked for at least 1 year in a regional area.
  • Be nominated by a state/territory. All states/territories require you to be currently working full-time in that state/territory.
  • Skills assessment: You must have at least 1 year of work experience to get a positive skills assessment.

*More details in this article.

To meet all requirements, you must get a full-time job first and have been working in that position for at least 1 year. Most international students don’t know it. They just know they need to get a job after graduation and they’ll figure out how to get PR later. However, getting a full-time job in their professional backgrounds (what they came here to study for) turns out to be a lot more challenging than they thought. Due to high living costs, they opt for a part-time job or casual work to financially survive first.

They continue their job search at the back end. However, most of them are now physically and mentally exhausted from the low wage, heavy labor work, and keep delaying their job search. When they finally find enough motivation to get back to their job search, now they have less than a year on their visas.

Let’s have a look at the timeline most international students are going through below.

You work in a part-time job for about a year and start applying for full-time jobs after that. It’ll take you at least 1-2 years to get a full-time job (*From Reserve Bank of Australia).  I’ll take the most positive scenario of one year. Then you need to work in your full-time job for at least 1 year to be eligible for PR.

Unfortunately, your graduate visa has expired after 2 years and you need to leave the country before you can apply for PR. It’s really sad but very popular. Many times, when I contact a graduate after a while, I found out they’re already back in their home countries.

Now, to prevent this from happening to you, you need to cut 1 year off the timeline. Secure a full-time job within the 1st year, work in your job for the 2nd year and you’re totally eligible to apply for PR. It’s so simple but many international students didn’t realise.

If currently you still have 2 years on your visa, lucky you! But if you have only 1.5 years left or below, now it becomes urgent to reach out for help. Let’s look at how career coaching can help you secure your PR.

Career coaching timeline

It takes my international student clients only a few weeks to secure a full-time job but to be safe, I’ll make it 6 months. Then you’ll work in your full-time job for another year to become eligible for PR. And now you can apply for PR with your graduate visa. It’s so simple, right? But many international students overlooked and had to come back home.


How much money are you ACTUALLY LOSING when doing it by yourself?

Many international students don’t want to invest in career coaching. They want to try it by themselves as it’s free to DIY. Fair enough. However, they never know that they’re actually losing a lot more when DIY.

I’ve done the numbers on the cost of DIY against using career coaching for an international student below.

You earn $36,000 for 2 years of casual work. This is from a real salary of international students. At the same time, you lose $100,000 because you don’t work in a professional position for 2 years. The entry level salary is around $50,000 so for 2 years it’s $100,000. Totally, you lose $64,000.

The second scenario is you get help from career coaching. Averagely, my clients take a few weeks to secure the position. But to play it safe, I assume it takes you 6 months. Then you work for 1.5 years and earn $75,000 with a salary of $50,000/year. You also invest in a career coaching program and the maximum market price is $5,000. Totally, you gain $70,000.

With career coaching, you also save money for the future. Your professional life could last for 30-40 years. For sure you will need to get a new position. My coaching style helps you gain the knowledge yourself. You can use it for the second time, the 100th time. You won’t need me then. That’s a lot of money you can save.

*From real casual work salary **Average salary of graduates: $50,000/year

Between a $64,000 loss and a $70,000 gain, I’m sure you know which one is a better option. DIY is not a free option. It actually costs you a lot more money than you think.

Do you have the best career development you deserve?

Some international students told me “Thea, getting PR is not important to me. Developing my professional career is more important right now.” I completely agree. That’s also the reason why you came here to study in the first place, isn’t it?

If you want to grow a long-term career in the professional area you love, do you agree with me that you need to get PR first so that you can stay here longer and develop your career? Otherwise, the longest you can work here is 2 years and then you need to come back home.

But when you've got a full-time job, you'll get PR thanks to your full-time job. You can professionally grow yourself in a developed country for the rest of your life. Do you agree that the need for PR is obvious?

Are you facing mental health issues?

I’m sure you know better than anyone else that job searching is stressful, especially when you receive so many rejections and don’t know why they don’t even give you an interview. You don’t know where you’re stuck, where to fix, and how to fix it. If it has been a while, it may get worse like this international student below.


When you do it by yourself, you’re stabbing in the dark, you don’t know what works, what doesn’t. You just try whatever you can think of to see what works. That’s why you send out 100, 200 applications. But still no offers. That’s why you have a lot of self-doubts, you feel stressed, or even depressed when all your effort gains back nothing.

Sadly, I’ve seen some worst cases where the international students went into a deep depression. They couldn’t keep going with their job search and went back home early even when they still have a lot of time left on their visas.

I can protect you from all of these problems as I’ve been in your shoes. I didn’t know what was wrong and where to fix it. I got countless rejections. After a while, I felt stressed and cried a lot. The moment I figured it out, I nailed it with the first try and within 2 weeks. I got a 6-figure full-time job. Since then, I have helped other international students do the same. They get work faster, easier, with no stress. They start earning faster and apply for PR sooner.

You’ll be the same. You’re safe because I know exactly what mistakes you’re making, where you’re stuck, how to fix, what strategies work, what don’t, how you’re feeling along the way. And thanks to that, you’ll get work faster because the more confident you are, the faster you’ll get a job.

The choice is obvious!

Having seen so many international students coming back home empty-handed after investing a huge amount in their bachelor’s and master’s degrees, I don’t want you to be the next, my friend!

You may think “But Thea, I still have my degrees and they’ll help me get a good job back home”. Yes, I agree but you could still have earned a good job back home without a degree from overseas. Given you have invested $100,000-$200,000 for 2-4 years of studying, you’re making a loss when all you gain is a job back home.

Your degrees open up a chance to get a good job here with a decent salary to make up the investment you made. It enables you to secure PR and grow yourself professionally for the rest of your life. You can also bring your family here to give them a bright future. You deserve all of that!

As a more experienced migrant, my mission is to provide you and other international students with the critical information you may overlook, help you get the full-time job and PR you deserve. If you also agree it’s what you deserve, live chat with me using the link below and I can’t wait to show you how we’ll make it happen.

Be successful


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