Some International Students asked me about my career coaching services and said “But my area is very specific. I’m different from everyone else”. Yes, I agree that everyone is unique. But let me challenge you with this “Are you the only person working in that area? Do you have competitors when applying for jobs?”. No, you’re not the only one and you always have hundreds of competitors who also apply for the same job as you.

If you still insist “My area is still more specific than others”. Then check out the success stories of my clients right here. And let me ask you “Is your job more specific than a 3D Visual Artist, an Architect, or a Biotechnologist?”

If not then sit back, buckle up and let me explain to you why my strategies work with all job titles.

1. First, I’ll get you MULTIPLE interviews, not only one.

Have you heard about the ATS before? It’s the Applicant Tracking System. When you apply for a job, the ATS will scan through your application to look for keywords. They’re skills and experience the hiring manager wants in that position.

Your concern is true here. Each job has a particular set of keywords. Even for the same job title, two companies may look for two different sets of keywords.

But my clients can still pass the ATS easily because my strategy bangs right on the keywords. I’ll show you step by step how to read the job advertisement, analyse it, and know the EXACT keywords that the ATS (also meaning the hiring manager) is looking for. Then you’ll use these exact keywords in your application.

When the ATS scans through your application, it’ll find exactly what it wants. You turn out to be a good match and will be moved to the hiring manager. Once again, they see immediately that you have the skills and experience (keywords) they want. They’ll pick up the phone and call you!

The most important thing is I’ll coach you to have that skill of identifying keywords. And you’ll do it for job ad by job ad, company by company. You don’t need me to do it for you. You can do it for the 1st job as well as the 100th job in your career. And you’ll get multiple interviews, not just one or two. Sound good?

In the whole process, do you see anywhere that this strategy only works for a specific industry or job title? No, right? You’re covered, my friend, no matter what job you want to apply for.

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2. Second, I’ll help you pass the interviews by performing as a local candidate even if you haven’t worked for any day in the local market

Sound overpromising? No, I’m not. The fact is I got a 6-figure full-time job when I’m a migrant from overseas with zero local experience. I also got an instant promotion of $22,000 without asking for, just thanks to what I performed in the interviews.

Another fact is my international student clients got 5-figure full-time jobs without any local experience. Most of them just have bachelor’s degrees (no prior work experience) or master’s degrees with little work experience from their home country (obviously no local experience). You can check their stories right here.

I was a migrant job seeker and then I became a migrant hiring manager. I’m from both sides so I know really well the challenges of an International Student or Skilled Migrant in an interview and why it makes sense when employers will challenge you about migrant issues.

I foresee what they’ll ask you about and get you well-prepared in advance. You’ll get 19 most commonly asked questions and my guided answers. You don’t need to start from scratch and just plug in your information. Plus, heaps of interview strategies to get you “perform as a local”. Sound great?

They’ll ask you hundreds of things in the interviews but I’ll get you through tricky questions about your temporary visa, local experience, salary… It may sound so simple (Oh, I already know how to answer, Thea!) but my strategic answers saved my clients’ job offers again and again.

I don’t just stop there. I’ll also coach you with advanced strategies to perform in the interview or follow up after the interview to completely secure the opportunity you have. Don’t let it go! Sometimes my clients felt bad after an interview and lost hope of getting the offer. I said, “No, don’t give up. If no rejection emails yet, it’s not final yet! Let’s do this…”. Time after time, my advanced interview techniques never fail in securing the job offer at the last minute!

3. How to get job opportunities from the Hidden Job Market even with zero connections!

Yes, that was me! I had zero connections. I even didn’t have a LinkedIn profile and only built one in the new country. Yet I got my full-time job from networking.

Networking may sound scary to you, especially when you’re an introvert like me. But my networking strategies still work well. Don’t worry, I don’t ask you to go out and hang out with strangers. Joining networking events could be a big waste of time, I know! I’d rather let you spend your precious time applying for more jobs. It’d be a lot more effective.

My networking strategies focus mainly on online. And you can do it remotely at any time, anywhere. It’ll save you a huge amount of time and effort. Especially, it complies with remote working environment post the pandemic!

With these strategies, I went from zero connections to more than 500 connections in a few weeks. Sound great? No, not yet. My international student client, Chris, is even better. He went from 3 connections to 770 connections in just 10 days. Has your mind blown away?


If you’ve been approaching recruiters or hiring managers on LinkedIn and got more rejections (or silence) than acceptance, you’re using the wrong strategies. Switch to mine, they simply work!

Now, don’t tell me “Thea, the quality of my network should be more important than how many connections I have.” I got that and totally agree with you. I got my job from a tiny network and my international student clients got their jobs from a small network as well.

That’s why I’ll also offer you the quality approach – I’ll give you a list of hiring managers you should approach. I build up this list based on your job title and location. Then you just need to use the networking strategies I teach and approach these hiring managers.  

My international student client, Long, used this strategy and approached just 10 hiring managers. After 2 weeks, he got an invitation to a face-to-face interview. You see they already skipped application screening and phone interviews, right? That’s the power of the direct approach.

Yet, you don’t need to just rely on my list because I’ll teach you 16 networking strategies so that you can go beyond the list. And the sky is your limit.

No matter what job title. No matter how many years of experience. I’ve got you covered!

Going through the list of strategies how I’m gonna get a full-time job for you, do you see yourself making it happen yet? I hope you do. And throughout the way, do you see the strategies rely on your job title or how many years of experience you’ve got? No, right? It explains why my international student clients could get 5-figure full-time jobs in a wide range of expertise with only one or two positions on their profiles. I have special techniques to find more experiences for you!

So, are you ready to make it happen? If you say “Hang on, but I want to try looking for a job by myself first”, it makes sense. You can try DIY but watch out for how much time you have left on your visa. I have to say not much, especially if you want to get PR and live here indefinitely. Check out this article to know why.

If you don’t want to miss the only opportunity you’re having to get PR (check this article why so), just book a call with me using the link below, I’ll customise an action plan to help you get a full-time job and PR!

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