When looking for a full-time job as an International Student or Skilled Migrant, you have 2 options: You can do it yourself or ask for extra help.

You may think DIY is the cheapest way to go with? I’m afraid you’re wrong, my friend. Check out this article to see why many International Students are losing money and risk going back home empty-handed when DIY.

And when you decide to go with a coach, you also have different options in the market. Why should you go with me? Here’s why:

I’ve gone through the exact journey, made it work, and got a 6-figure job

I’m a migrant from overseas. Before coming here, I worked for the #1 oral care corporation Colgate Palmolive, in charge of 5 countries, managing the multi-million-dollar brand – Colgate toothpaste. It was a dream!

But when I looked for a job here, I got countless rejections. Or they didn’t even send me an email, just silence. It hurt!

To be honest, it made sense because I was on a temporary visa, had zero local experience, no connections, and speak English as a second language. Sound familiar?

Nevertheless, I overcame all of them and landed a 6-figure full-time job, an instant promotion (more senior than what I applied for), managing another million-dollar brand, contributing 40% of the company revenue (they wouldn’t give it to me if they didn’t trust me, right?). But I didn’t ask for it. It was just thanks to what I performed in 5 interviews with Directors and Chief Executives.

I’ve helped people like you do the same

Since then, I’ve helped other International Students and Skilled Migrants do the same or even better! (Yes, my clients got even higher salaries than me. So proud of them!)

And you’ll be the next one! A 6-figure salary for me so it’s doable to get a 5-figure job for a graduate. Agree?

What can you earn/save from by working with me instead of DIY?

  • PR
  • $50,000-$100,000 (You’re losing money when unemployed. Average graduate salary: $50,000/year)
  • 1-2 years of trying in vain
  • A professional career in a developed country
  • Mental health issues (stress, depression, self-doubt…)

Do you agree all of these are priceless? Don’t make the mistake of other young international students. They only see short-term and think they’re losing money with career coaching. They can’t see the priceless value I’m going to give them. It goes beyond the program I’m offering. Check out this article to avoid this costly mistake.

My strategies work

You can find numerous success stories of people like you here. It shows that my strategies work really well. I’ll help you with:

  • How to get your resumes through the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and land interviews. Not only one but multiple interviews.
  • How to pass interviews by becoming a local candidate even if you haven’t worked for any day in the local market
  • How to network for referrals and job opportunities from the Hidden Job Market even with 0 connections (I had zero connections and got my job from networking)

Check out this article to understand how each of these strategies works. They simply work because they got results for me and my clients. In other words, these strategies were selectively designed just for you, an International Student or Skilled Migrant.

working together

100% of my international student clients got a full-time job with a temporary visa

Please don’t tell me “Thea, I can’t get a full-time job because I’m on a graduate visa”. No, I don’t believe it. All of my international student clients got full-time jobs with a temporary visa.

Some of my clients even got a full-time job on their student visa, not graduate visa. It doesn’t matter what visa you’re on. If you can perform yourself in the interviews, employers will go out of their way to have you. And when you don’t perform well, they just use the “temporary visa” excuse for not hurting you.

You’re guaranteed to get a full-time job

I have a small challenge for you, my friend. Can you find any coaches in the market who are brave enough to guarantee your results? No, you can’t find any.

But I do. I’m offering a guarantee during the time working with me to fully support you until you get a full-time job. I’m not disappearing or going anywhere until you get a job. Your success is my success.

Now, don’t misunderstand that when you join my program, you’re guaranteed to get a job. There are things that are totally out of my control and the biggest one is “whether you’ll take action and follow my strategies”. I can give you all the strategies I have but I can’t go to the interview for you. You need to do the work. Agree?

As long as you’re committed to doing what I teach you, you’re guaranteed to get my full support until you get a full-time job. Sounds fair?

If it sounds fair enough and you feel safe to be in good hands, book a call with me using the link below and I can’t wait to show you the strategies to help you get a full-time job, PR, and live here indefinitely.

Be successful


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