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  • Are you searching for a full-time job in many months but still no job offer?
  • Are you applying for 50-100 jobs and receiving many rejections or no interviews?
  • Are you worried about running out of time when your visa expires soon?

It's time to get a full-time job, PR, and live here indefinitely.

Thea Ho

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Hi, I’m Thea Ho.

I went from an unemployed skilled migrant to landing a 6-figure full-time job as a Senior Manager, working in a global company, in charge of the market-leading brand contributing 40% revenue to the company.

Especially, I got an instant promotion with my new job without asking for… as I could prove myself effectively during the interviews.

I've helped numerous International Graduates & Skilled Migrants get 5-6 figure full-time jobs in... WEEKs!

I’ve made it through unique strategies specially designed for migrants who face a lot more challenges than local job seekers. 

Even if you've got no interviews, a temporary visa, zero local experience, no network, and a big employment gap, you can use my unique strategies to get a full-time job, PR, and live here indefinitely!


Here's What Other International Students Are Saying

I still hadn't graduated and used Thea's strategies for my first-ever interview. The strategies are so effective that I impressed 3 VIPs and got the offer on the spot. They also offered to sponsor a permanent visa for me. My life has changed since that moment. Now my family and I can live here indefinitely. It was not even in my wildest dream that I could ever dream of this!

DUY – Senior 3D Visual Artist

"I used Thea's strategies to apply for the first job I've ever found after my graduation. I applied on Monday, interviewed on Wednesday, and got the offer on Friday. Everything happened in just 5 days. Amazing! I thought it would be hard as I competed with 100% local candidates. But with Thea's strategies, I got a 5-figure salary and now I'm ready to apply for PR."

HAILEY - Social Media & Marketing Consultant

After my graduation, I've been living in a regional area that is limited in terms of job opportunities. I applied online and competed with 200 people in that job. But no problem at all as Thea's strategies helped me get an interview just 2 days after that with 3 company directors. And I got the offer 2 days later! I'm so grateful because I can work in my professional area, and now I've become eligible for PR! Thank you so much, Thea!

LONG – Civil Engineer

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that brought full-time jobs to myself and my clients – the International Students and Skilled Migrants.

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International Students Get PRs With Full-time Jobs

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