Before a 6-figure full-time job... Before an instant promotion without asking... Before a Senior Manager for a global company, managing the market-leading brand, contributing 40% of the company revenue...

There was an unemployed skilled migrant with NO idea of how to write a resume. NO local experience. ZERO networks. NO LinkedIn profile.

My life was amazing before the move! I was a Manager with direct reports, managing the multi-million dollar brand and 5 countries for the multi-billion dollar company, Colgate.

Thea Ho

None of them makes sense in the  new country

I received rejection emails, a lot! Or the big silence without any feedback on why I didn’t get any interviews. I got some phone interviews where people just politely told me ‘Sorry, but we need someone with local experience’. I went to some interviews where I knew immediately I didn’t make it.

Self-doubt started to kick in quickly! …Maybe I’ll NEVER get a job here! I’m not as qualified as I thought. I got all the negative feelings, disappointment, frustration, stress, self-doubt…

I realised the dream of ‘a beautiful life’ I painted before coming to the new country may not exist… Or I have to make bold moves to make it happen.

So I took a final stand.

I discovered that getting a job in a new country is totally different from that in your home country.

You face way more challenges than a local job seeker. If you just stick to what you used to do, you WON’T get the job. I doubled down and learned how to get the job MY OWN WAY!

  • How to transform my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile from being mediocre as my 300 competitors to impressing hiring managers in 6 seconds and instantly convincing them to invite me to an interview.
  • How to address hiring managers’ concerns for migrants and perform as a local candidate in the interviews even when you have ZERO local experience.
  • How to access the Hidden Job Market (80% contribution) to avoid 300 competitors, increase the success rate to almost 100% using unique ways to expand your network, and gain valuable referrals.

After all of that was dialed in… I discovered how to land a 6-figure full-time job in only… 2 weeks so that I could start earning and getting PR!

Best of all… I’ve had the honor of helping numerous International Students and Skilled Migrants like you land their 5-6 figure full-time jobs in a matter of… WEEKs!

Thea Ho
Thea Ho

Are you ready to get a full-time job, PR, and live here indefinitely?

I know you’re ready and highly committed to doing the work.

That’s why you’re here.

That’s why you’ve spent a lot of time searching for tips and revising your resume so many times that you’ve lost count.

That’s why you’ve sent out hundreds of applications even when you still haven’t received any interviews.

By reading this, you’ve proven that you’re willing to DO the work, get a full-time job, and PR.

Ready to Get A Full-time Job & PR to Live Here Indefinitely?