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INTRO ---------------------

My biggest challenge was the aggressive competition. A lot of people were looking for jobs in accounting so I had to compete with a few hundred people for each position. I was also on my graduate visa so it was a disadvantage to local candidates.

As an international graduate, I just had a short period working for a local company but perhaps it’s not enough versus other local candidates. I also did not know many people in my accounting industry so I just had a small network and it wasn’t helpful in searching for a job.


LEARNING ---------------

I used Thea's strategies to build up a strong application including my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. Before getting a Master’s degree in accounting, I’d already got a few years working in my home country. So my challenge was how to write the application to make it the right match for a fresh graduate profile and not overqualified for the graduate positions I was applying for. Thea helped me make it a perfect match for the positions.

I also followed Thea's interview strategies and guided answers to prepare for the interviews. Thea has prepared all the questions they usually ask in the interview so I just followed them and replace them with my information. It helped me feel more confident as somehow, I already knew what they were going to ask in the interview.


SUCCESS -----------------

At first, I received rejections due to my temporary visa. It was at the peak of the pandemic so it was not surprising given many local candidates lost their jobs and they were competing with me then. I was patient and continued to apply. After just 2 months, I got my full-time job. It was a challenging time but it paid off.

Now I’m working for a local company providing industrial services for transportation and logistics. It’s a medium-sized company with 18 years of history so I’m confident they’ll sponsor my PR so that my family and I can live here permanently. I used to think about moving to another country when I couldn’t find a job but now, I can see my bright future starts here. Thank you, Thea, for your coaching!

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