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This is Amy's
Ace A Job
Success Story


Product Manager


INTRO ---------------------

I got one year of local experience but took 2 years off to take care of my family and run my family businesses. This employment gap made it harder for me to get back to the labour market.

My professional background is in marketing which also requires a huge amount of local experience and knowledge which is a big challenge for someone from overseas like me.


LEARNING ---------------

I followed closely Ace A Job strategies to develop a spectacular application that brought in results very quickly. I believe this is the secret of my success.

Thanks to this application, I got a great understanding of my professional profile which helped me pass the interviews and land the job offer. My interview answers also follow the guided answers in Ace A Job strategies to help me impress VIP interviewers.

Especially, I also used Thea’s unique strategies to develop a portfolio and a proposal which completely turned around my interview results and got me to the next round even though the position was quite over my experience level at that time.


SUCCESS -----------------

I applied for a job in the #1 company on the “Best Places to Work” list. Meaning, I had to compete with hundreds of candidates as everyone wants to work in this company. I got a phone interview only 2 days after applying, passed it, and got 2 more interviews with the hiring manager and the Sales Director. I finally didn’t land the offer with this company as it was for a more Senior level than my current experience. But the fact that I got 3 interviews in the #1 company is already a big achievement!

Not surprisingly, I got the second opportunity very quickly after that. This time was with a local food company. I also got the first interview 2 days after applying, the second interview after 1 day, and the job offer right after that. It all happened within 1 week. I also got a Manager level and a 6-figure salary.

Needless to say, my life was totally transformed ever since. I love my company and the job I work for. I’ve got a very good boss and learn from her every day to continually grow my career. I’ve got some recognitions and promotions ever since. Recently, I just got a mortgage and moved from a rental apartment to my own house. Can you believe it? I’m so much in love with my house right now! If you want to transform your life like me, don’t walk but run to Thea for her Ace A Job program.

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