INTRO ---------------------

My biggest challenge is the experience and skillset. A full-time job in data analytics usually requires that you have at least 2-3 years of experience and your skillset should be demonstrated clearly in the application and the interview.

And as a fresh graduate, I haven’t worked in the local country and still haven’t got local experience.

I also have an employment gap of one year so I think it could be a concern for some companies.


LEARNING ---------------

I always believe in networking and referrals and my success story happened exactly the same. I got referred to the job by a friend and got an interview shortly after that. So if you want to get a job quickly, focus on networking and referrals.

Moreover, I think the application strategies in Ace A Job helped me build up a strong application that can convince the hiring manager to interview me. Even with a referral, I still applied through their system, got a phone interview with HR so if my application wasn’t strong enough, I wouldn’t have got an interview with the hiring manager.

I had only 2 days to prepare for the interview but because I used Ace A Job strategy to write my application, I understood my profile thoroughly and use it to answer the interview questions. Plus, my experience in data analytics also helped me nailed technical questions well.


SUCCESS -----------------

It took me about one week from the first interview to signing the offer including a reference check. It’s very fast! I’m so happy to work in banking – the area I’ve been building my professional career in and it’s also the reason why I came here to get my Master’s degree.

My salary is also a bit higher than my expectation. I’m also very lucky that my boss is so supportive. Now I can start enjoying a better life and get ready for my PR. Things couldn’t have been possible without Ace A Job and your support, Thea. Thank you so much!

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