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This is Anh's
Ace A Job
Success Story


Landscape Architect


INTRO ---------------------

I’m a landscape architect graduate and I found it very challenging in getting a full-time job in my professional background. I didn’t have much experience in landscape and in the local country. I just had some projects done at my university and I knew it wasn’t enough to compete with experienced local candidates.

I’m on my graduate visa and it may raise a concern to some local companies. I also had a few months’ gap since graduation due to searching for a job. To be honest, I’m not very confident with my English so I put into action a plan to practice and improve my communication skills.


LEARNING ---------------

One of my best decisions is to enroll in Ace A Job early. It helped me build up a strong foundation from the resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile to interview skills, and networking, very well-rounded. I also built up a portfolio (offline and online) to submit together with my application which enhanced my application better and got more interviews.

Being aware of my shortage in local experience, network, and communication skills, I spent time focusing on these skills by getting freelance jobs from my professors, actively posting my designs on LinkedIn to build a network, and watching TV programs to improve my listening and speaking skills. It worked! I got much more local experience especially client management skills that helped me pass the interview and got the offer. My network expanded dramatically. I almost have connections at all the companies in my landscape industry. And now I’m much more confident with my English and not shy talking to strangers as before.

Some tips I can share with you to pass interviews is first to get really well-prepared for it. I received many phone interviews when I was doing something else. So when you pick up the phone, you need to know what to answer about yourself and the company. Don’t worry, if you follow Ace A Job strategies, you’ll know what to do. The second tip is treating the interviewer just as a friend of yours. It’s not an interview, it’s a chat with your friend. That mindset trick helped me calm, not nervous. I could be myself and that’s why I could confidently show off my technical skills and local experience.


SUCCESS -----------------

Results came to me very fast. For the second job I applied for, I got invited to a face-to-face interview with the hiring manager. I almost got the offer but lockdown happened so they canceled that position.

I got a few more interviews but the most outstanding one was with a Big 4 company in the architecture industry. They received about 25,000 applications but I got an interview with them thanks to my strong application. Unfortunately, I was competing with so many strong local candidates in that position and I didn’t make it. However, getting an interview with a Big 4 company is already a big achievement for me. I’m proud of it.

Shortly after that, I got another interview with another architectural company thanks to referrals from my network. This time I was very calm and confident in the interview as I treated him as a friend. I could present the best version of myself and they offered me the job immediately in the interview. They even asked whether I could start working the day after. I also got a very good salary for a fresh graduate and they promised a pay raise after 3 months if I have good performance. I’m super happy with my result. It came thanks to my effort to build up a strong profile, get local experience, improve communication skills, mindset, and network referrals. A lot of effort you may say, but I’d say it’s totally worthwhile.

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