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Ace A Job
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Home Loan Associate


INTRO ---------------------

I didn’t have much work experience before my bachelor’s degree. I got some volunteering and part-time jobs but they’re not relevant to the job I was applying for.

As a fresh graduate, I didn’t have local experience in the new country which is also a challenge for an international graduate like me.

I’m also on a temporary visa which I know is a concern for some companies.

And I don’t know many people in the new country who can connect me to more job opportunities.


LEARNING ---------------

I applied for jobs online which is very competitive. But thanks to the strategies of Ace A Job, I could land multiple interviews, I think at least 10 interviews. There was a time that I got 3 interviews with 3 companies in the same week. It’s amazing, right?

Thanks to these interviews, I also got great opportunities to practice and sharpen my interview skills. But what helped me pass the interview to get a job is the interview strategies of Ace A Job. I received 18 interview questions with guided answers so it’s not difficult for me to get strategic answers that can convince the hiring manager to hire me.

I also joined a financial boot camp which helped me a lot in terms of financial knowledge as I didn’t study finance. It really helped me nail technical questions in the interview.


SUCCESS -----------------

I’m happy with my results. I got multiple interviews with the application. Sometimes, it was in another state and due to the pandemic, I couldn’t make myself available for the interview. But it’s out of my control so I’m not sad and happy when receiving interviews.

Recently I applied for a job in a superannuation company. I received a phone interview just after 2 days of submitting my application. I passed the phone interview. They asked me to do some tests about personality and technical skills. I also passed them and went to the interview with the hiring manager. I was quite confident in this interview and had a good feeling about my answers. Within the same day, they offered me the job. Things happened quite quickly, just within one week, I’m so grateful!

I’m super happy as now I’ve got a dream job in a financial company – the area I always wanted to work in. My salary is also a bit higher than the average for a graduate. Especially, my company also promised to sponsor an extended visa as my visa has only 6 months left. I’m living a wonderful life every day. Thank you so much, Thea!

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