Real stories from a job successor who started with courage and ended with a 5-6 figure full-time job.

This is Daniel's
Ace A Job
Success Story


Cloud Engineer


INTRO ---------------------

I got a few years of experience but only 2 years of local experience in a contract role. When I reached out to Thea, my contract role wouldn’t renew and I had just 2 months left with it. I didn’t want to have a gap in my profile and also wanted to maintain the income to support my family.


LEARNING ---------------

I followed the application strategies in Ace A Job to get a top-quality application which helped me land numerous interviews which I didn’t think I could before.

Especially, during the interviews, I also followed the exclusive strategy of Ace A Job to make a proposal for an engineering solution. This is the success secret that helped me pass the interview and land the job offer. If I didn’t know this strategy from Thea, I would have been stuck in interviews for longer. Being in the local country for a few years but I’ve never seen this strategy anywhere else before. Make sure you get it from Thea.


SUCCESS -----------------

Results came to me extremely fast. For the first job, I applied for the job in the afternoon and received a phone interview the following morning. I passed the phone interview and in the afternoon of the same day, I received an invitation to the next interview.

In total, I got 6 interviews with 5 companies. It all happened within 2 weeks. After getting the offer, I still had another interview opportunity with the government but I said no to them.

And here is the interesting part. 4 months after getting the job, another company viewed my profile on LinkedIn and invited me to interviews for another job with a 30% higher salary. I already got a 5-figure salary, meaning the new job is a 6-figure one. It’s super cool when I didn’t apply for the job and still received interviews.

My life is so much better now. I’ve got a good boss, have a drink with colleagues every Friday afternoon and spend a great time with my kid, my family every weekend! I’m no longer stressed with the job search and confident to get a better job whenever I want. The knowledge is mine. And I still receive random interviews every now and then.

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