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This is Duy's
Ace A Job
Success Story


Senior 3D Visual Artist


INTRO ---------------------

I hadn’t graduated with my Master’s degree yet and was still on a student visa. It means I didn’t have a full work right visa and couldn’t work full-time yet.

As a student, I didn’t have any local experience as well as any interview experience yet.

I also didn’t have enough time to prepare for the interview. I was helping my professor to do an exhibition and had to work full-time for that. So I could only use the little time left to prepare for the interview. I really wanted to have more time to prepare for the interview but I couldn’t say no to my professor or delay the interview so I had to do both at the same time.


LEARNING ---------------

With not much time to prepare, I could still manage to get strategic answers for all the commonly asked questions thanks to very straightforward guided answers from Ace A Job. I also followed the unique strategy in Ace A Job to propose a creative solution for the company. Believe me, you won’t find this kind of strategy anywhere outside of Ace A Job. Thea has been through this so her strategies are specially designed for people from overseas to get a job.


SUCCESS -----------------

In the interview, I was a bit nervous at first as I hadn’t got interview experience before. But the questions I received literally followed one by one the questions I prepared using Ace A Job strategy. I was so happily surprised with that and it helped me nail the answers and got more confident.

The result came to me in a very unique way. When I was still on the hot seat in the interview, 3 interviewers (very senior people – General Manager, Head of Design, and a Vice President from New York) were truly impressed by my answers and offered me the job offer on the spot, right there in the interview.

As I didn’t have a full work right visa, they even proposed a solution to me by working with me as a contractor first to wait for my work visa and also proposed to sponsor a permanent visa for me after that.

Covid happened shortly afterward. Some of my local colleagues got fired but fortunately, I didn’t. I could not only keep my job but also got some recognition ever since.

I’m so grateful for Ace A Job as it allowed me to work in the expertise I’m so passionate about. I got not only a job but also a PR sponsorship and a good life for me and my family. Thanks to my PR sponsorship, my wife can also leverage it to get a full-time job. We’re exploring new places every weekend now and I couldn’t ask for more!

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