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INTRO ---------------------

I have to say I’m not very confident with my English. I’m good with writing, but I struggle a bit with interviews. It’s partly because my background is in biotechnology. I love it but also find it complicated, especially in describing what I do in my projects. That’s why my resume before working with Thea had only 3 short bullet points for each position. I didn’t know how to make it better even I really wanted to.

After my Master’s degree, I struggled to get a job and had to work as a chef to survive. I had a lot of challenges with my visa during this time as it was a temporary visa. I had to flexibly apply for visa extensions as a chef and not with biotechnology.

I also had a big gap of unemployment after graduation (4 years). So I wasn’t confident to apply for jobs before working with Thea. After working with her, the best thing I’ve learned is to feel confident being myself. She kept encouraging me to take action. So I did. I saw progress and felt more and more confident over time.


LEARNING ---------------

The skill I learned the most from Thea is resume writing. My resume before working with her is only one page. And half the page is about a job back home which is not relevant to my biotechnology background and two theses which now I know are not helpful in getting a job. I’m so happy with the resume I’ve got now, not too long but full of active verbs, strong keywords to land more interviews. More importantly, Thea taught me how to customise my resume for each job. It’s been a while since working with her but because I’ve mastered this skill, I don’t have any difficulty customising and applying for different jobs.

I also love the way Thea showed me how to analyse the job ad to know what the employer is looking for. Recently, I found an interesting opportunity for a Ph.D. scholarship in which I needed to write an “Expression of Interest”. I used the same cover letter technique from Thea to write it and I got results. It’s amazing, isn’t it?

My LinkedIn profile also works well. For a while, I didn’t apply for jobs due to visa issues. But I still received interview invitations from recruiters every now and then which is great! Thanks to these interview opportunities, I practiced and improved my interview skills based on the interview strategies Thea taught me. And finally, it paid off!


SUCCESS -----------------

I haven’t told you about the direct approach Thea trained me. Recently, I used it to approach a professional senior in my field for job opportunities. She’s working at a university and unfortunately, they weren’t recruiting. However, she was interested in my profile and referred me to a Ph.D. scholarship. I love my professional field but never thought about a Ph.D. before so I wanted to give it a try.

I worked on the application for this scholarship which I found very similar to applying for a job. I sent my resume, Expression of Interest in which I find Thea’s application strategies were so helpful, and some other documents. Then I went to an interview with my supervisor and other professors. I passed it and did a test as a research assistant in the lab for one week. I also passed it and finally got my Ph.D. scholarship!

I didn’t think about this before but working in a Ph.D. is just like working in a full-time job. The scholarship gives me a stipend and allowance which totally equal a 5-figure full-time job in my area. So instead of working in a company, I’m now researching in a university and in an area that I love so much.

I’m so proud and my family back home is so happy with my achievement. Moreover, having a Ph.D. degree also means I’ll get PR – the thing I’ve been trying so hard for many years now. My dream is coming true! Thank you very much, Thea! I wouldn’t have made it if I didn’t meet you.

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