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This is Hailey's
Ace A Job
Success Story


Social Media & Marketing Consultant


INTRO ---------------------

I was a bachelor’s graduate. Hence, I didn’t have any full-time experience on my profile. I studied Marketing and this is a tough area that seems to be exclusive for only local candidates. It requires local knowledge of behavior, culture, history, language… which is very challenging for someone from overseas like me.


LEARNING ---------------

If other people struggle with a short resume, I had the opposite problem. My first draft was a 5-page resume. I knew it’s also a big risk of being removed immediately when having a long resume as hiring managers don’t like reading long resumes. So I followed Thea's application training and shorten it to only 2 pages, yet still high quality which led to my success after that.

I also followed closely the interview strategies to prepare for the interview. Given I received the interview only 2 days after applying, the guided answers and the strategies already laid out in Thea's coaching program were extremely helpful for me to get results in such a short time.


SUCCESS -----------------

I saw a job online and applied for it immediately. I applied on Monday, had the interview on Wednesday, did a reference check on Thursday, and received a job offer on Friday. I followed Thea's program for the whole process but I believe the main part that got me the job is my application. After working at the company, my boss shared with me the reason he chose me over other local candidates is that he checked my resume again after the interview and he made the hiring decision based on the resume. It showed him very clearly I got the skills and experience he was looking for.

Only a few weeks after my graduation and getting the full work right visa, I already started working in a full-time job with a 5-figure salary that some local candidates even don’t have. It means I have more than enough time to apply & receive the Permanent Residency.

Just one week earlier, I was still unemployed and looking for a job. And now, I’m working in a job I love, preparing for PR, and still have a lot of time to enjoy life. I already bought some stocks for my personal investment. What a good life I’m having right now.

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