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This is Jack's
Ace A Job
Success Story


Electrical Technician


INTRO ---------------------

I was an electrical graduate with only 6 months of experience in the local country. It’s good but I still think it’s not enough because most companies require at least 1-2 years of work experience.

I’m from a non-English speaking country so I think my English is also average. Maybe it’s another challenge for me.


LEARNING ---------------

I think what brought a job to me is my strong application which I followed Ace A Job strategies to write. With little local experience, I thought I needed to work hard on my application to build up a convincing profile. And I did because I wanted to persuade the hiring manager that I can deliver the job even when I don’t have years of technical experience. Fortunately, Ace A Job helped me achieve that easily.

Moreover, this amazing application also helped me gain strong interview skills because I got a great understanding of my professional background, skills, and experience. I know what I can offer to the company. That’s how I could convince the hiring manager to hire me.


SUCCESS -----------------

I got results very quickly. I applied for the job online, got an interview 1 day later, and started working 1 day after that. I also got compliments from my boss about the impressive application I got.

I’m so thankful for getting the offer during Covid-19 while many local job seekers lost their jobs during this time. I’ve got a good boss who trains me with new knowledge every day and I’m excited about the long-term career I’m developing with my company. Thanks so much, Thea!

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