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This is Jane's
Ace A Job
Success Story


Financial Analyst


INTRO ---------------------

I arrived in the new country during Covid-19 and the market was very slow at that time. Apparently, I had no local experience and zero networks in the new country.

Another challenge I faced is that I was a bit senior in my finance background back in my home country. My application faced a big risk of being overqualified for many positions I wanted to apply for.

And when I look overqualified in my application, given the flat management in the local country, the hiring manager may think I can’t do execution tasks and I’m not a right fit for the job. That’s why I need to focus on my interview skills to fix this concern.


LEARNING ---------------

With the risks in mind, I focused on writing a stellar application. Especially, I put a critical emphasis on my application for not making myself overqualified from the jobs I was applying for. Thankfully, Ace A Job gave me all the strategies I needed to do this.

The guided answers in Ace A Job interview training also helped me reframe the answers to demonstrate I have the execution skills and can perform the job at the implementation level given the flat management in the local country.

As I had zero local experience while my finance jobs require a good understanding of the local financial practices in the local country, I also used the exclusive strategy of Ace A Job to develop a superb Portfolio to showcase my expertise and stand out from local candidates.

I also did a Proposal using Thea’s unique strategies from Ace A Job to deliver my innovative ideas to solve the financial problems the company was facing.

It looks like I used quite many strategies from Ace A Job, right? Yes, I did. But due to my special case, I needed all of them. And fortunately, Thea designed the right strategies that could help me solve my unique problems of someone from overseas and get results.


SUCCESS -----------------

With thorough preparation, I strongly believed that I’d get results. And I did. I got multiple interviews with a local leader in the food industry. I got one interview with the HR and hiring manager, another interview to present the proposal, and another interview with the Sales Director. Interestingly, I met one of my competitors during the interview but thanks to my exceptional proposal and strategic interview answers, I could beat all competitors and became the final candidate to land the job offer.

The job offer is truly a BIG achievement to me as I could land a 6-figure full-time job in the food industry – where I had never got experience in – and a start-up environment – which is also my first time to work for.

I love my company and proud to be working here. Thanks to Thea and Ace A Job, I could work in my expertise area where I’ve been building for many years. I’m enjoying my better life every day professionally and personally with my husband and two kids, and sometimes with shopping as well!

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