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This is Jayson's
Ace A Job
Success Story


Telecommunication Technician


INTRO ---------------------

I got several years of experience working in the Philippines but only 6 months of local experience in the new country. I know it’s good that I’ve got local experience but I wished it was a bit longer as most companies require at least 2 years of work experience.

I tried to search for jobs by myself at first and could land 6 interviews with 6 companies. However, I could only get the first interviews and couldn’t go beyond that. Later on, from Thea, I know that the root cause is not my interview skills but it’s my application that is not strong enough to help me impress and convince hiring managers in the interviews.


LEARNING ---------------

Thanks to the Ace A Job application training, I got a strong application that got me results very quickly.

The fabulous application also helped me understand better my profile, skills, and experience. Together with Ace A Job interview training, the application helped me improve my interview skills to convince the hiring manager that led to a job offer.


SUCCESS -----------------

Amazingly, I got a full-time job offer only 2 weeks after that. It was also my first try after Ace A Job. The interview this time wasn’t like 6 interviews before that. I answered all the questions strategically and convincingly. And I landed the job offer.

Currently, I’m working for a leading company in communications which is a blessing as it’s my professional background. I could continue developing my career in the right professional area I’ve been building for several years. My life now is easier and happier thanks to this full-time job. I enjoy a good life with kids and my wife and a good job.

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