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This is Justin's
Ace A Job
Success Story


Graduate of Architecture


INTRO ---------------------

I was an architecture graduate. After graduation, I applied for 196 jobs and didn’t get any results. I got only 3 interviews and finally ended up with nothing. They told me I didn’t have enough experience while I got 2 bachelor’s degrees, 3 short-time positions, and working as an architectural freelancer throughout the time of studying.

I also had a 1.5-year gap since graduation. I knew if I was unemployed for too long, my skills would be affected, especially when I work in architecture which requires a lot of time improving my design skills. At the same time, my part-time job in hospitality was really heavy and not relevant to architecture. I found Thea on social media and approached her for career coaching. That’s when everything changed.


LEARNING ---------------

As a design person, my resume before working with Thea focused mainly on design. It only had short bullets that couldn’t show off my skills and experiences. Though I was quite active and got a few architectural experiences before graduation, my resume looked nice but couldn’t leverage the experiences I got. I’m very happy with Thea’s resume training. I got it immediately and finished my final version after only 2 weeks. It was fast!

Though Thea is not in the architectural background, she still gave me helpful feedback on my portfolio which strengthened my application multiple times more.

What I learned the most from Thea is her strategy to customise my application. Before working with her, I used only one resume for every job that I found. That’s why I had only 3 interviews after applying for almost 200 jobs. It cost a lot of time, effort, and emotion. With her customisation strategy, I applied for fewer jobs but each application carried higher quality so I didn’t need to apply for a lot. I just chose the most suitable ones to apply where I was more confident that I’d get the job. And I was correct!


SUCCESS -----------------

I didn’t have an urgent need to get a job due to visa issues. I’m lucky enough to be a citizen here. However, my casual work was so heavy and boring. I just need it to pay the bills but don’t want to get stuck in it for the rest of my life. I’m still young and really passionate about architecture.

I applied for a few jobs using Thea’s strategies. At first, I was ambitious to get into the top companies in architecture. But after the first few trials, Thea told me it’s more important to get my foot in the door first by applying to smaller companies.

And it worked. Now I’m working for an architectural leader in residential design consultancy services. I love my work and now I can work in my favorite design area. As a fresh graduate, it’s important for me to do the work I love, grow myself, and gain experience. With the momentum from this position, I believe I’ll fly higher and farther in the long run. Thank you, Thea, for your coaching!

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