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This is Kevin's
Ace A Job
Success Story


Structural Engineer


INTRO ---------------------

I got work experience in my professional area but I didn’t have local experience in the new country.

I’m also living in a small regional area that is limited in terms of job opportunities in my construction field.

I got a big network in my home country, but apparently, zero networks in the local country.

And unfortunately, during Covid, my construction industry was frozen with not many opportunities.


LEARNING ---------------

I got the offer thanks to networking though I didn’t have any connections in the country and in the small region I’m living in. Thanks to the company list from Ace A Job, I targeted some companies in my region and actively approached them. I didn’t wait for them to run a job ad as from Ace A Job, I know they may never do that. They’re just small companies in a regional area.

Before using networking, of course, I had prepared a great application and sharp interview skills using Ace A Job strategies. That’s why when the company invited me to the interview one day after that, I was ready to demonstrate my skills and experience. I didn’t need more time to prepare for the application or the interview and it was a good thing as I actually didn’t have time for that when they interviewed me just one day after that.


SUCCESS -----------------

It seemed very challenging for me to get a job but I made it very quickly. I applied for 2-3 jobs online and got interviews from the recruitment agencies but it didn’t proceed further. That’s why I used a bolder way to approach companies directly. I went to the construction site and talked to the Site Manager. I got an interview just one day later and started working one day after that. Everything happened in only 3 days since approaching to started working. It sounds crazy, right? But it’s what happened to me.

At first, I started working on a contract role due to the low demand of the construction industry during Covid. After only 3 months, I became a permanent employee. Thanks to the full-time job offer, I was then eligible to apply for the PR and hopefully would get it very soon.

I’m so happy with my life now. Before moving here, I was doubtful about the ability to get a job in my construction industry as I’m living in a small region while big companies are all based in big cities. I couldn’t have made it without Ace A Job, thank you so much, Thea! I enjoy going to work every day and spending time with my family every weekend while waiting for the PR. My new life chapter starts now.

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