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This is Liam's
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Senior Risk & Compliance


INTRO ---------------------

I’ve got more than 10 years of experience in risk & compliance and worked for global companies like Deloitte, AIG, Prudential back in my home country. It took me more than 2 years to settle down here and started applying for jobs. But at that time, we went through the pandemic and I had to compete with so many local candidates for fewer opportunities.

I didn’t have local experience while it requires great understanding of local law and regulations. I had a 4-year gap and many positions require PR or citizenship while I was on a temporary visa.


LEARNING ---------------

Before working with Thea, I looked for free resources on the internet. I just talked about what I did in the resume, and I used only one resume for all jobs. All of these efforts got me only one interview.

After working with Thea, my resume focused on the hiring managers’ requirements, my achievements, technical skills which are exactly what they want. When checking only the first page, they already know I’m qualified for the job. I also customised my resume to not only have the right keywords, but also meet the hiring managers’ requirements and the key skills they want.

Though I didn’t apply for many jobs due to some personal issues (3-5 jobs per month), I almost received interviews for every job I applied for.

Thea’s interview strategies focus on my technical skills, experience, and especially my achievements and contribution to the company. They’re exactly what hiring managers want to hear. That’s why I always passed any interviews with recruitment agents. And after any interview with hiring managers, I had a feeling that I’d pass.

Thea’s strategies are at the next level. They’re totally different from what I found for free on the internet. Especially, they lead to success. When I applied by myself before, I got only one interview. Now, I got immediate responses for every job.


SUCCESS -----------------

I was very confident with my interview skills after working with Thea which helped me pass interviews with the hiring manager. They even invited me to their office to meet with the team. However, due to the pandemic, the company had to stop recruiting and unfortunately, I didn’t get the job.

My gap now was 4 years and my wife might receive a regional role that requires us to move to another country. That’s why I wanted to get a job that is easy for me to work remotely or online. So, I enrolled in some online programs about data to switch my job.

However, a recruitment agent found me on SEEK thanks to the resume I worked with Thea there and offered a job that is 100% fit to my profile. I got an interview just 2 days after that. I followed Thea’s interview strategies to prepare some case studies based on the technical skills. I interviewed with the HR manager, hiring manager, and Chief Financial Officer (almost the whole management team). The CFO asked me a lot about my soft skills, previous experience, and local experience. But Thea’s interview strategies helped me a lot.

You usually never know what they think about you but the hiring manager shared with me after the interview that he really liked me. However, they were looking for a Manager position and I didn’t have local experience so they still wanted to interview more local candidates. After one month, they still couldn’t find any candidate that was more suitable than me.

So, I had a second interview with the Chief Operation Officer. Once again, Thea’s interview strategies helped me a lot where I focused on getting good knowledge of local experience and his expectation. I received an offer the next day.

I feel so lucky to get this job even with a 4-year gap. It fits my experience so well and covers everything I’ve done before in my career. My hiring manager has more than 10 years of experience with the company and he’s helping me a lot with my new role. With experience from this job, I believe I can get jobs and work for any companies in the market. With this job, we also don’t need to move to any country with my wife’s job. My family can happily settle down here forever.

This is a worthwhile investment. I’m grateful for having an opportunity to work with Thea. This program is different from anything out there as it’s the next level of them. I highly recommend you to work with Thea if you want to secure a job sooner.

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