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Graduate Process Engineer


INTRO ---------------------

My job search was challenging as I was a chemical engineering graduate looking for a job during the pandemic. During that time, I competed with so many local job seekers with more experience than me who lost their job during Covid. They also have PR or citizenship while I was still on my graduate visa.

As a fresh graduate, I hadn’t had any full-time employment before and only had 2 internships on my profile. I wasn’t very confident but I wanted to give it a try as Thea said her graduate clients also had one or two positions and none of them is full-time employment.


LEARNING ---------------

I have to say the Ace A Job program is so good. It teaches me how to read the job ad and know what the hiring manager wants, what the job requirements are. And then I just inject these keywords into my resume and cover letter to prove that I have what they want.

I also learned a new way of writing a pain letter from Ace A Job which doesn’t sound as generic as other cover letters but it talks to the problem the company is facing and shows that I’ve got the technical skills they need to solve that problem. I really liked it and I got my own version that fits my profile so well.

I also built up a portfolio to showcase what I’ve got in my profile. You may think it’s impossible to build it when I’m a fresh graduate and I have only 2 internships on my profile. I also thought the same but it’s not true. Ace A Job showed me how to build it step by step leveraging on what experience I’ve already had. It was simpler than I thought. I got a strong portfolio to submit together with my application and it helped me get more interviews.


SUCCESS -----------------

I started looking for a job after my graduation in 2019 but just had one interview and no job offer. Then I joined Ace A Job with Thea. At first, it was challenging due to the pandemic. I also thought about joining a Professional Year program but it seems to be very costly but not effective. So I kept going with my job search and finally, I got a full-time job in my chemical engineering background. I’m super happy!

I’m now working for a global company providing testing services with more than 13,000 staff and operating in 55 countries. It’s my honour to work for such an incredible corporation like that. I’m working in the laboratory every day doing the job that I came here to study. A big company like this can also help me with my PR. I’m very optimistic about it and the possibility of living here for a long time. Thank you Ace A Job and Thea for my results!

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