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Civil Engineer


INTRO ---------------------

I’m currently living in a regional area that is limited in terms of job opportunities in my construction industry. I found only a few opportunities advertised a week so I think I didn’t have as many opportunities as in a metro city.

During the pandemic, my construction industry also slowed down. It was harder to find job opportunities during that time.

Moreover, I’m also a fresh graduate. Though I actively worked in different part-time jobs and casual work, I know many candidates are more experienced than me.


LEARNING ---------------

The first thing that got me interviews is my solid application which I built with Thea's application strategies. Due to limited opportunities, I think many people were applying for the same job as me. But I beat them to get interviews thanks to my strong application.

Interview skills are also important. I got only a few days to prepare for the interview which was a bit rushed. Fortunately, building a strong application also helped me understand better my profile and it helped me overcome some tough questions.

What got me the job is the experience I got from my part-time job and casual work in construction. Though I interviewed for a graduate position, they asked me many technical questions which I wouldn’t have answered well if I didn’t get experience before that. So, focus on your technical skills if you want to pass interviews.


SUCCESS -----------------

I got results very fast. Only 2 days after submitting my application, I received the interview invitation. I was interviewed by 3 directors of the company and felt quite confident with my answers. It was the first and also the last interview. 2 days after that, I got the offer. It was amazing!

I’m super happy that now I’ve got a full-time job in my professional background – the reason I came here to study. I now only need to work for 3 years and will be eligible to apply for PR. My company is also very close to my house, super convenient! I also got a very good salary which I’m so happy about. Now I’m so ready for a new chapter of life which is so much better. Thank you, Thea!

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