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Associate Business Analyst


INTRO ---------------------

My professional background is in finance and the industry is quite competitive where I need to compete with a lot of people with many more years of experience while I’m a fresh graduate with only one year of experience. Working in finance also requires me to know and get experience using specific software in the industry.

I graduated during the peak of the pandemic in 2020 which made my job search in a challenging industry become even more difficult. But I didn’t find myself discouraged before these challenges. They even made me feel more determined to keep working on my job search and finally got 2 job offers today.


LEARNING ---------------

Before working with Thea, I applied for 50-60 jobs and didn’t receive any interviews. I didn’t know the right strategies so I just sent resumes to all companies. At that time, I thought I just applied, just sent out resumes to see what would happen.

One more mistake I did but only get aware of it now is I didn’t incorporate the job requirements into my application. I used only one resume to apply for all the jobs I found. Apparently, I didn’t get any interviews. 

After working with Thea, she taught me how to write a resume that can catch the hiring manager’s attention by using keywords from the job ad. I know how to read and find the right keywords to put in my resume. I have no doubt the resume is the most important document in getting an offer.

Especially, now I know how to write a cover letter which is such an important document but I completely didn’t have any ideas about it before.

Thea’s coaching on interview skills is amazing. Now I know how I should answer interview questions in a way that can build a good impression to convince the hiring manager. Unsurprisingly, I went through 2 lengthy and challenging application processes with 2 global companies and I got 2 job offers thanks to the interview skills I got from Thea.

I also learned a lot about networking from Thea. What came to my mind when I graduated during the pandemic was that I got fewer opportunities, more competitors, and my job search became a lot more challenging. That’s why it wasn’t enough to rely on only one or two documents of the application but I needed to leverage all aspects of my application process. Most importantly, if you don’t have a network, you can’t find a job here.


SUCCESS -----------------

The application process with my first job offer was quite lengthy and challenging. I applied for the job and got an interview with HR 2 weeks after that. I passed it and had a technical interview with my line manager and 2 HR people. So it was a group interview. After that, I did 2 online tests about my technical skills and finally I had an interview with the HR director for 60 minutes. Finally, I got the offer 3 or 4 days after that. In total, I had 3 interviews and 2 online tests but thanks to the interview skills and knowledge from Thea’s coaching program, I passed all of them and nailed the offer.

A few months after, I found another great opportunity and wanted to give it a try. So I applied for the job, got an interview with HR, and then another interview with the company director. It was a 70-minute interview and he grilled me on everything about the company software, my technical skills, and my commitment to the company. It was really challenging but just a few days after, I got the offer!

I’m totally satisfied with the job I have right now in a global company. I’m working on the software that almost every company is using so I’m really confident about my career prospect. I remember I worked really hard with Thea in the job search and hard work always pays off. That’s why I’ve got comfort now with 2 job offers and continue to grow and gain better career progression. I highly recommend that you should work with Thea as she has the right strategies you need, she can work in any industry and also has good connections that can help you greatly in your job search.

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