Real stories from a job successor who started with courage and ended with a 5-6 figure full-time job.

This is Piumi's
Ace A Job
Success Story


Software Developer


INTRO ---------------------

I was a fresh graduate and haven’t got any full-time experience in the local country. I just had 2 temporary positions with less than 4 months each.

I also had a big employment gap (6 months) since my graduation.

Another big challenge I faced was that I was on a temporary visa which is a big concern to local companies. I thought they only want to hire people with PR or citizenship.


LEARNING ---------------

The strategy that brought me the job is Ace A Job application training. With only 2 short positions (total experience is less than a year), I found it really challenging to demonstrate my skills and experience. But thankfully, it’s not a big deal when I got Ace A Job. I was even impressed after my resume was transformed using strategies from Thea and Ace A Job.


SUCCESS -----------------

I landed a full-time job to work for a local company in IT. I think getting a full-time offer is a big achievement for me as I was an international graduate on a temporary visa. But the fact that I got a full-time job showed that a temporary visa is actually not a real concern. Once you’ve got a strong application, you still can land a full-time job even with a temporary visa. That’s what happened to me!

Not only could I get a 5-figure salary, but I also started earning earlier than many other graduates. Especially, the job offer helps me be eligible to apply for the PR which makes my dream come true of living long-term in the new country. It’s all thanks to Thea and Ace A Job. I couldn’t thank her enough for this amazing result.

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