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This is Rajat's
Ace A Job
Success Story


Operations Manager


INTRO ---------------------

I think one of the biggest challenges I had was local experience. I got 3 years of experience in my home country but I didn’t have any local experience. I got a full-time job after graduation but it was in sales and not in my professional background of mechanical engineering. So I struggled to make my application a good match to the job I was applying for but Thea helped me do it perfectly. Though my latest position was in sales, when you read my resume, it’s still outstanding in showing my engineering background.

It was twice as hard for me to get a job during the pandemic, especially when we were in long-lasting lockdowns. My job is to work in the field as a mechanical engineer so I found fewer opportunities during that time. But I kept going anyway and it proved that my patience paid off.


LEARNING ---------------

I found Ace A Job very helpful in writing my application. I had no idea how to write a resume before so I applied for more than 200 jobs in one year but I got only one interview and no job offer. Now I know how to write a resume that gets interviews and especially when I transfer my resume to my LinkedIn profile, I got good traction from it.

What I liked the most about Ace A Job is how to customise my application for each job that I applied for. Thea showed me step by step how to do that so I made sure to do it properly for every application and it showed good results. Now I received more interviews with my application than before.

As it was more challenging during the pandemic, Thea showed me how to approach companies directly. I already had a strong application and now when I approached companies, I got quite several interviews even at that time it was the peak of the pandemic and many companies reduced their scope or they didn’t recruit.


SUCCESS -----------------

My effort was eventually repaid. As soon as the pandemic faded away in early 2021, I found new job opportunities show up more and moreI also made a strong decision to move to another state where there are more opportunities for my profession as a mechanical engineer.

I’ve got several interviews with some companies and finally landed a full-time job with a local company in a mining area. My company specialises in project supplies for industrial services meaning now I can work in my professional expertiseI’m very proud when getting a job at a Manager level which is a new level I’ve never been in charge of before. I trust my strong application did a good job in proving what technical skills I have and what I can deliver for the company. And I’m very happy to welcome my wife to the new country and live a good life with me here. Now I can work and grow in a job of my professional background with a good income to support my family. I can’t ask for more! Thank Thea to help me make my dream come true!

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