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INTRO ---------------------

I’m a bachelor’s graduate so I didn’t have any full-time experiences before my graduation. Even though I was very active during my study to get experiences with internships, part-time jobs but it’s not enough for me to compete with more experienced candidates.

Unfortunately, I graduated during Covid and it was really challenging for me to find a full-time job during that time.

I’m also on my graduate visa and have only 1 year left. That’s another challenge for most companies.


LEARNING ---------------

As a fresh graduate, I don’t know many people in my network who can connect me to job opportunities. That’s why I mostly applied for jobs online. And I know the competition is very tough there. But the strategies from Ace A Job helped me write a strong application. Despite applying online and competing with hundreds of candidates, I still got more than 10 interviews.

I find Ace A Job strategies very solid from building a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile to acing the final interviews, very well-rounded. To be honest, I didn’t have enough time to prepare for the interviews as they happened so fast but I still passed them and got the offer as I already got a strong application and solid knowledge about my profile. They asked me a lot about my experience, technical skills in the interview. Though I don’t have some experiences they want, I still got the job via the strategy of how I answered them.


SUCCESS -----------------

I applied for a job to work for a recruitment agency and got the first group interview just 2 days after applying. Then I had an interview with an HR regional manager, a hiring manager, and a branch manager. Within one week after that, they did a reference check and offered me the job. Unfortunately, the pandemic got worse and we went into a long lockdown so I couldn’t start working for the company yet.

At the same time, I got another opportunity with a start-up company. They invited me to an interview with the hiring manager immediately after checking my application. I interviewed with the Managing Director in the morning and the HR manager in the afternoon of Friday. Then on Monday, I got the offer. And I’ll start working next week. It happened incredibly fast!

So I got not only one but two job offers. I’ll report directly to the Managing Director in a start-up company so I believe I can learn a lot in this job! They also offered to extend my visa which is incredible as not many companies are willing to do so! And I feel so grateful that I found a job in the middle of the pandemic where things just get a lot more challenging especially when looking for a job.

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