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This is Saniya's
Ace A Job
Success Story


Environmental Health & Safety Consultant


INTRO ---------------------

I was a fresh graduate in the environmental industry. I know this is a very small market where I can’t find many job opportunities as other mainstream jobs such as accounting or engineering.

In this industry, there are a lot of experienced candidates with more years of environmental experience than me. While I got only 1 year of experience working in 2 different positions while I was still a student. The competition is harsh.

My bachelor’s degree was in physics but I did a master’s degree in the environment. It was a complete twist that didn’t give me a lot of background in environmental science.

After graduation, I worked in childcare for about a year. During that time, I applied for about 50 jobs in the environment but I didn’t land even a single interview. It also created a big gap in my profile.

I decided to work with Thea because I knew I wanted to work in a job I’m passionate about. I tried different strategies by myself but they didn’t work. I wasted a lot of time and hard work. I believe working with Thea would help me get a job faster, in just 2-3 months I hope, and less painful.


LEARNING ---------------

The first job I applied for after working with Thea was a high-profile job at a leading environmental organisation in Australia. The salary is at a higher end for experienced people, not graduates. It’s a permanent position and relocation assistance is provided. I knew it could be out of my reach but I wanted to give it a try.

I got a strong and convincing application (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile) using Thea’s strategies. How do I know? I immediately got an interview for that high-profile job which is amazing!

Though I didn’t pass the interview, I thought it went well beyond my expectation. I thought I wouldn’t receive an interview given the job requirements were so demanding. The interview strategies I learned from Thea were very helpful. After just one interview, now I was more than ready for any interviews that came to me and it was the key to helping me get a job.


SUCCESS -----------------

I continued to apply for a graduate program and got invited for a group interview with the management team. At first, they just asked me general questions which I passed easily. Then I got a more in-depth interview with the key members of the company. Thanks to all the interview questions, guided answers, and strategies I learn from Thea, I confidently passed the interview.

I interviewed on Thursday and received an offer on Monday! I could tell that I performed well in the interview as they offered me the job so fast. And they didn’t do a reference check even when I provided them with everything.

I’ll be working in a well-established consulting firm where I can expand my knowledge in different areas of environmental science. I have a flexible agenda with time spent in the office and outside the field. The managers are very nice and friendly people. They also offer me great opportunities to grow and promote to leadership roles if I perform well in the job. I believe this is a wonderful starting point for me to get various training and grow further in my long-term career. The salary offered is also at a higher end for a graduate position.

Actually, I still have another interview with a mining company but I’ll reject it. I couldn’t believe this! A while ago, I was still working in childcare and received numerous rejections for my job applications. But now, I got an incredible offer and reject unsuitable interviews. Thank you very much, Thea, for your coaching! It wouldn’t have been possible without you!   

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