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This is Sarah's
Ace A Job
Success Story


Business Analyst


INTRO ---------------------

I was a lecturer at a university in my home country but I didn’t have much work experience in companies. Currently, I’m living in a small regional area which also limits my job opportunities especially when I’m a business analyst. And of course, I hadn’t got any local experience in the new country.

After looking for jobs for a while without results, I wanted to pursue a Ph.D. but actually deep down in my heart, I wanted to work, not to study or research.


LEARNING ---------------

Thea’s coaching program was so clear and easy to follow that I finished my resume in only one week. Not only could I finish it fast, but it was also of great quality. I was quite busy at that time though. I was following a study program on business analysis and my kid was under two years old.

I also followed Ace A Job interview strategies to prepare in advance. Thanks to my good preparation, I didn’t have any problem with timing. I still had enough time to review my interview answers and practice several times before the interviews.

Last but definitely not least, I followed the exceptional strategies of Ace A Job to develop a portfolio and a proposal to present in the interview. I believe this is what helped me stand out from other local candidates and land a job in the government even when I didn’t have any local experience before.


SUCCESS -----------------

Results came immediately. I got one phone interview, and 2 more interviews with 4 people. With just my first try, I landed the job offer to work for the government (which is more challenging than the private sector) with a higher salary than my expectation. Especially, I didn’t expect I’d get the job so quickly as I was still in my study program.

And now I’m working on some advanced systems for the government, spend time with my kid every day, and also help my husband with his business. This is an amazing life I couldn’t imagine before.

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