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Junior Business Analyst


INTRO ---------------------

I was a fresh graduate in business analytics with zero experience. My bachelor’s degree was in mechanical engineering and I started over in business analytics with my master’s degree. Business analysis is a highly demanding job. It requires a lot of experience but I had only 2 internships.

I’m living in Gold Coast, a regional area. There are not many big companies here and only big companies need business analysts. That’s why I couldn’t find many job opportunities.

Before working with Thea, I didn’t understand much about the Australian market and didn’t know what I wanted. I just applied randomly for about 10 jobs and got 3 interviews but nothing could lead to a job offer due to my lack of experience, technical skills, and communication skills. I decided to work with Thea as I need some experts to help me with my job search.


LEARNING ---------------

Thea’s coaching program is like a one-stop destination. I didn’t have a proper resume but Thea helped me find the keywords from the job ad. This is why the hiring manager called to invite me for an interview as he found these keywords on my LinkedIn profile. With the keywords, I knew what I want in a job, what strengths I have and what I need to improve to get the job.

Once the resume is done, everything just flows from that, the cover letter, LinkedIn profile, etc. Without Thea’s coaching, I wouldn’t have covered the base to get interviews.

Thea also has special training for potential interview questions. That’s why I was very confident in interviews. Based on Thea’s guided answers, I played around with the questions before the interviews. I wasn’t scared at all and could connect well with the interviewers.

The Business Analyst job I’m looking for requires experience. I don’t have any experience so I need to cover it with networking. Most of the time, I’m on LinkedIn to approach people and talk to managers in business analytics and IT. I tried to understand what is happening in real life. I went to many chats and they gave me references not only for the first job but also for more jobs in my future career. Networking is very beneficial in long term, especially in Australia. I got many phone calls from recruiters and interviews with hiring managers thanks to networking and a strong resume.


SUCCESS -----------------

I didn’t apply for the job but the hiring manager found me on LinkedIn as he was looking for some specific keywords in business analytics. He found them in my LinkedIn profile. I’d been active on LinkedIn so I was connected to the hiring manager’s boss which made him trust me even more. He gave me a call and invited me to a face-to-face interview.

Fortunately, I did an internship in the food production industry before. During the interview, I tried to customise my answers to connect the internship experience to what I can offer in the job.

They also interviewed 2 more candidates but 2 days later, they offered me the job. This job is really what I want to do. This company is a big one so I think I’ll have many opportunities to grow as a Business Analyst. The salary they offered is also higher than the normal rate for a fresh graduate. Thanks to this job, I’ll just need to work for 3 months to get a nomination from the state and after that, I’ll get a skills assessment also thanks to this job offer. This job helps me make my dream of getting PR come true.

I still have another interview but had to cancel it as I’ve got this job offer.

Thea’s coaching program is like a one-stop destination. You’ll get everything you need from a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile, to interview answers and networking. Thea is a good friend and mentor. She won’t leave you alone and will help you until you get a job. I was scared at first as I didn’t know much about this foreign labor market. If I try it on my own, it’ll be a lot longer. PR needs experience first. So, I didn’t want to take the risk. Thanks to Thea’s coaching, I could avoid mistakes other job seekers make from day one and accelerate my job search to get a job faster. I spent so much time in 2 weeks writing my resume but the result is really worth it. If you want to get PR, get a job as soon as possible so you can start applying for PR. I highly recommend this coaching program if you want to get a job and PR.

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