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This is Sophia's
Ace A Job
Success Story


Accountant Assistant


INTRO ---------------------

I got a few years working in Singapore but I didn’t have any local experience in the new country. My experience was also in administration and not accounting while I was looking for a job as an accounting graduate. And you can see that I had zero experience in accounting.

I know accounting is also a highly competitive area where a lot of people, especially people from overseas want to get a job in this field in order to apply for PR. It means I had to compete with many people with many more years of experience than me.

I wasn’t confident with my English as I’m from a non-English speaking country and just arrived in the new country recently.


LEARNING ---------------

How could I overcome challenges when not having experience in accounting? Ace A Job is the answer. It completely changed my resume from half-a-page to 2 full pages of information.

How could I pass the interviews while I wasn’t confident with my English? Ace A Job is the answer. I followed exactly the guided answers for commonly asked interview questions. It helped me deliver strategic answers to convince the hiring managers. I also followed the interview preparation plan in Ace A Job to improve my interview and English skills.


SUCCESS -----------------

I got results only 3 weeks after applying. I got 2 interviews with 2 different companies. Both happened on the same day. One of the companies also shared that they chose me because I proved a strong profile with my application.

Currently, I’m working as an accountant assistant for a peak body (government) in the transport industry. Thanks to Ace A Job and Thea, I still landed a job even though I didn’t have the right professional experience and I looked for a job in a highly aggressive area. I couldn’t thank you enough, Thea!

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