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Account Manager


INTRO ---------------------

I didn’t study finance. I was a graduate in chemical engineering but wanted to work as a sales consultant in a financial company. I knew I faced the big challenge of not having a degree in finance and sales.

I also didn’t have any experience in finance. This is challenging as I know financial companies usually take candidates with years of experience in finance or at least a degree in finance, but unfortunately, I didn’t have any of that. I just have a big passion.

I was also a fresh graduate and didn’t have any full-time positions before.

As a fresh graduate, I didn’t have a big network or know anyone in finance.

I’m very confident with my English but still, I’m not a native speaker while sales positions, especially in the financial industry, usually require the excellent communication skills of a native speaker (they make it very clear in their job ads).


LEARNING ---------------

I got the job offer thanks to networking though I had zero networks. I believe it’s not about how big your network is but it’s about whether you want to take action to build and expand your network. So I took action.

Another success strategy is having an impressive application. I approached the CEO of the company. He then checked my LinkedIn profile before inviting me to the interview. If I didn’t have an impressive LinkedIn profile (which was built on my application), the CEO may have ignored me.

Last but not least, interview skills are extremely important in my case. It’s a sales position and they expect me to have excellent communication skills as a native speaker. Thanks to Ace A Job interview training, I got the offer even though my English is not perfect. I could still impress the CEO and the Sales Director to land the offer (both of them are native speakers). I found the guided answers and the interview strategies in Ace A Job really helpful in my success. Make sure you grab them.


SUCCESS -----------------

It seemed to be impossible for me to get my dream job but I made it! I saw the job opening online but I didn’t apply for it online (as from Ace A Job, I already knew the aggressive competition if I applied online). I jumped on LinkedIn and sent a message to the CEO of that company. The CEO viewed my profile, found it impressive, and invited me to an interview. I prepared for the interview following Ace A Job strategies and went to the interview very confidently. I interviewed in the afternoon and got the job offer in the evening.

In terms of timeline, I approached them on Thursday, received the interview invitation on Monday, had the interview on Thursday afternoon, and got the offer on Thursday evening. Everything happened in only ONE week from approaching to getting the offer. It’s unbelievable but that’s how it happened!

I also got the job at the Manager level which is a big deal for me given I don’t have experience or a degree in both finance and sales. It shows that once you can prove yourself in the interviews, you’ll get the job you are capable of no matter if it’s a bit more senior than your current level.

A lot of friends told me “You wouldn’t get a job during Covid” but I made it. My life now is wonderful. I love my job and learn a lot every day. I feel like this job in finance is the dream job of my life. I didn’t think I would be able to make it before Ace A Job. My partner and I are still young. We’re enjoying our ambitious professional life and expect to grow fast in our careers.

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