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This is Tashai's
Ace A Job
Success Story


Sales Administrator


INTRO ---------------------

My husband and I moved to Australia in 2017. I worked in the banking industry before but after moving here, I only volunteered and worked as a sales assistant. We moved from New Castle to Sydney in 2021 and I started working as a support worker in the aged care industry.

With my current job, I’ve fulfilled my goals of helping others and getting local experience. But I still want to use other skills and grow further in a corporate environment.

Before working with Thea, it was hard to get a job given I didn’t have any local experience and I was also on a temporary visa. I applied for some jobs in the banking industry but it was really hard without PR. The chance was slim to none even when I got experience from my home country.

Other challenges were my resume and interview skills as I got interactions with people but they didn’t come back to me.


LEARNING ---------------

At first, I joined Thea’s resume writing course. It was a small course and it just helped with the resume. So, I thought it wasn’t enough and I wanted to work one-on-one with Thea.

The feedback Thea gave me for my documents (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, interview answers) and how she coached me to be better in communicating and other stuff are very important.  

I really like the structure of Thea’s coaching program. It’s straight to the point. She gives sufficient supporting documents. The information is so helpful, eye-opening, very detailed, and forward-thinking. It’s different from what you’re used to. That’s why I committed to her personality and coaching style.

I applied for several jobs and received the first interview very quickly. I didn’t have much time to prepare for it so I didn’t get the job. I took a break because I felt a bit overwhelmed by the result and Thea was there to encourage me to get back on track.

Everything in Thea’s program helped me get the job. The resume writing was a big tick. The interview answers were so thorough, in-depth and especially, they helped me think. But the most important thing is the connection with Thea and her encouragement is the one that motivated me and got me going.


SUCCESS -----------------

I applied for this job on Monday. On Wednesday, the HR manager called me to arrange a phone interview on Thursday. The conversation was nice and natural. I felt comfortable and relaxed during the talk as I already went through an interview for another job before. She said I’m competent for this role and also another role.

I had the face-to-face interview on the following Monday which meant I only had Friday and the weekend to prepare for it with Thea. She was there all the time to support me with my interview answers and we did a mock interview on Sunday.

I went to the interview on Monday only to find out they weren’t expecting me as the meeting was canceled on their end. The interview still went on as planned but they didn’t prepare for it. The wait also helped me calm down. It was more of a conversation than an interview. I felt relaxed, be myself, and enjoyed the interaction so much. On Wednesday, I got the offer!

I’ll start working in 2 weeks. I’m so excited to work in a team environment and I’ll get to use my sales administration skills to work with numbers, build up strategies to influence changes. I also enjoy the benefits of a full-time permanent role which the current job couldn’t provide me with. This company is a not-for-profit organisation so I’ll get to do meaningful things every day at work.

Listen, if you’re still thinking about joining Thea’s program, just sign up, don’t think about it because it’s a good investment for your future. The lessons, the knowledge I learned, and especially Thea’s encouragement is not like what’s out there. You can search for the information you want to search for, but the level of detail and the thoroughness of Thea’s coaching program are what someone in my position would need to succeed. Go for it and do not hesitate!

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