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This is Tuan's
Ace A Job
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INTRO ---------------------

Due to the pandemic, I lost my full-time job where I had worked for more than 4 years. After that, we went into endless lockdowns which made my job search so tough. My accounting field is apparently competitive and became even worse at that time as many experienced accountants lost their jobs. I’ve got more than 4 years of experience but maybe not as many as some other accountants.

Moreover, I’d been working in one company for 4 years so I only got experience in only one industry. And it was also the first time I got back to the labour market after 4 years, I felt out of date and didn’t know how to update my resume.

I applied for several positions and in one of them, another candidate got the job thanks to more experience than me. For others, I didn’t get any interviews. I really didn’t know how to get a job during that time.


LEARNING ---------------

I love Thea’s program. I had no idea of how to write a resume before. My resume was very vague. I got some achievements to talk about but they sound very weak. And though I work with numbers every day as an accountant, I didn’t have any numbers in my resume. But Ace A Job helped me transform my resume to get results.

I didn’t focus on LinkedIn which now I realised a mistake. I didn’t have a LinkedIn profile and had less than 10 connections at that time. Ace A Job helped me build a strong application and hence, a strong presence online with my LinkedIn profile. Several recruiters contacted me for job opportunities via my LinkedIn profile.

I also learned the right way to tailor my application to the job I was applying for. Before that, I just revised some words in my cover letter to fit the company but now I know it’s not correct and I need to put more effort into it. Since using the right way, I could see results start coming in.

The best thing I learned from Ace A Job is about interview answers. At first, my answers were very general as I only talked about my responsibilities. And then Thea showed me how to make my answers more specific by backing up with tangible results. Thea also showed me what the hiring manager is looking for in the job and how to make my answers more convincing by showing them I’ve got what they want.


SUCCESS -----------------

I’d never expected that results would come that extremely fast. I just applied on Monday and then they gave me a phone interview on Tuesday. Thankfully, I already prepared for interviews by following Ace A Job strategies before that so I was ready for the interview and passed it. Then they immediately arranged the next interview on Friday and I also passed it and got the offer.

Now I’m working for a local company providing educational services. It’s also my background industry so I’m happy to strengthen my experience even further. Thanks to the knowledge I’ve got from Ace A Job, now only after a short time working for the company, I already got some outstanding achievements to update my profile. I believe from now on, getting a full-time job is not a challenge anymore as I already know how to write a strong resume that can land interviews quickly and how to answer interview questions to get an offer.

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