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This is Wenqi's
Ace A Job
Success Story


Quality Control Analyst


INTRO ---------------------

Before working with Thea, I applied for about 10 to 20 jobs (I couldn’t find many job opportunities online). I first focused on some graduate programs but they rejected me from the first rounds. Perhaps it’s because I was an international graduate and I was on a graduate visa while most graduate programs are for local people.

I could get the first interview with a graduate program but never passed it to move further. So I think my interview skills weren’t good enough and needed improvement.

My graduate visa could be a barrier because when I applied for some jobs, I got rejections for the reason of my visa. They said it in the rejection emails.

At the same time, I got some part-time jobs but I knew they wouldn’t be my long-term career. I wanted a more stable job where I can work in an area I love. So I started working with Thea very early, even before I graduated.


LEARNING ---------------

My resume was transformed the most when working with Thea. Before working with her, it was a long list of awards, scholarships, and projects I’ve done at the university. I was very active and lucky enough to achieve quite many recognitions. But I just listed out everything and could hardly show off my skills and experiences. I also didn’t know what they actually wanted in a job. So I just listed what I had which is not a good strategy.

What Thea coached me for my resume was amazing. That’s why I really enjoyed working on it. When I finished, it was a transformation! Now my resume could fully prove the skills and experiences I have. I could still keep my list of recognitions but they’re not too academic as before and better fit the job requirements. I believed I would get a full-time job very soon with this resume and I was correct.

My cover letter was also in a good position as Thea’s cover letter template is very straightforward and rational to convince the hiring manager.

I’m also happy with my LinkedIn profile as I received some interviews very quickly after applying for several jobs. They come from my optimised LinkedIn profile as well as my high-quality applications.


SUCCESS -----------------

As soon as I finished my application, I started applying for several jobs. Very quickly, I got a job offer. It’s exactly the job title I was looking for and in my professional background. It’s a cosmetics company and I worked as an analyst in the quality control department. So I could leverage my chemical engineering expertise which was great. I couldn’t ask for more! Every day, I could learn something new.

I worked in this position for a year and wanted to pursue more research jobs. I contacted my professor at the university and got introduced to a research position. Once again, I used Thea’s strategies to prepare for the application and finally got accepted. Now I’m working in his team as a research assistant and very happy with the job.

I just got the skills from Thea and could use them over and over again. I think it’s a big profit. I’m grateful for what I have now, and highly recommend you to work with Thea if you can’t find a job yet. It’s totally worth it!

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